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Bill Laswell – Sacred System / ‘Nagual Site’

Bill Laswell – Sacred System / ‘Nagual Site’
CD: Wicklow/BMG, USA, 1998 (09026-63263-2)
mp3 @ 320kbs / 120mb

1. Raag Sohni (Khan, Buchen) 5.55
2. Black Lotus (Laswell) 10.13
3. X-Zibit-i (Laswell, Haynes) 7.45
4. Derive (Laswell, Lancaster) 5.24
5. Saiya Nikasegaye (Khan, Buchen) 6.11
6. Driftwork (Laswell, Wobble, Bell) 8.53
7. Aab Yaad Kar Tu (Khan, Buchen) 7.38

Gulam Mohamed Khan – harmonium, voice
Susan Deyhim – voice
Dave Liebman – soprano sax
Byard Lancaster – soprano sax
Graham Haynes – cornet
Craig Harris – trombone
Clive Bell – khene, shakuhachi
Nicky Skopelitis – 6 and 12 string guitars
Bernie Worrell – organ, electric piano
Bill Laswell – bass, keyboard, percussion
Jah Wobble – bass
Zakir Hussain – tabla
Badal Roy – tabla, voice
Bill Buchen – tabla, ektar, log drum, percussion
Hamid Drake – drums, frame drum
Aiyb Dieng – chatan, bells
Recorded and mixed at Orange Music, West Orange, New Jersey.
Engineering: Robert Musso.
Produced by Bill Laswell for Innerhythmic Foundation.

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