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Virginity by LoganX78

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What? Of course, gorgeous erotic lingerie and stockings on a fine lady does nothing at all for me!

I’m dead!

Wonderfully sensual portrait by LoganX78

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Mc CryINair Ryanair will screw you blind ?

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A blind calypso musician and his band who were thrown off a Ryanair plane as suspected terrorists on New Year’s Eve …….

No, this isn’t some insane surreal farce! It’s the real and crazy everyday world of that awful Mc CryINair !

Yes … the Mc Donalds of Airlines never ever tire of being cnuts!

Now they seem to have an intense dislike for the blind!

They seem to have an intense dislike for the sighted also! All humans really!

Did they think the blind calypso boys had mutated their Steel Drums into explosive devices triggered by some sort of remote Braille detonator?

Although aetheist (thank dog!), I would like to believe that proper Karma will in due course be applied to Mc Ryanair CEO (as in “Cnut Extreme Onanist”!) Mick O’Leary and the army of crony clone cost-accountants who run that piece of shit company!

From The Irish Times

A blind calypso musician and his band who were thrown off a Ryanair plane as suspected terrorists on New Year’s Eve in 2006 were awarded £4,000 in damages yesterday.

Michael Toussaint and four members of the London-based Caribbean Steel International Orchestra were escorted off the plane at gunpoint in Sardinia by Italian police without warning or explanation and were not allowed back on, despite being cleared by the authorities within 20 minutes.

The band were offered a flight to Liverpool the following day.

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Stock by whiteravenimages

By whiteravenimages

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Mc CryINair Ryanair sued by Sarkozy,0.jpg

Le Parisien newspaper published their photograph with a cartoon bubble coming out of Ms Bruni’s mouth saying, “With Ryanair, my whole family can come to my wedding”.

The Mc Donalds of Airlines just never give up being cnuts!

From The Irish Times

Ryanair’s wings clipped as Sarkozy, Bruni win damages

A French judge yesterday upheld the right of the French president Nicolas Sarkozy and his new bride, Carla Bruni, to control the use of their image. Judge Louis-Marie Raingeard ordered Ryanair to pay a symbolic €1 in damages to Mr Sarkozy and €60,000 to Ms Bruni.

The couple filed a lawsuit against Ryanair on January 28th, the day Le Parisien newspaper published their photograph with a cartoon bubble coming out of Ms Bruni’s mouth saying, “With Ryanair, my whole family can come to my wedding”. Ryanair said it accepted the decision and offered to pay a further €60,000 to a French charity chosen by Mr Sarkozy.

“Ryanair had already confirmed that this advert will not run again,” Peter Sherrard said on behalf of the company. He noted that the single advert generated “extraordinary worldwide publicity”. The airline did not know that Mr Sarkozy and Ms Bruni would marry on February 2nd, but their wedding had been expected since early January.

They filed separate lawsuits. Ms Bruni asked for €500,000 in damages; Mr Sarkozy for €1, a common practice when the plaintiff wants to make a moral point. When asked to explain the difference in the sums demanded, the Élysée spokesman David Martinon said: “For the president of the republic it’s a question of principle” whereas “for Carla Bruni, it is her profession, her image, so she suffers a financial loss”. Ms Bruni’s lawsuit cited damage to her career as a “model, author, composer and talented performer”.

Only once before has a French president sued for the use of his photograph. In 1970, Georges Pompidou won a case against L’Express magazine for publishing a photograph of him in an advert for motor boats.

Ryanair has frequently used the Taoiseach’s image in its advertising, particularly in relation to the building of a second terminal at Dublin Airport. One such advertisement depicted Bertie Ahern with a Pinocchio-style nose.

But a Government spokesman said any decision on the part of the Taoiseach to sue the airline as Mr Sarkozy had done would be a “private matter”.

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Mc CRYinair Ryanair at it again

The Mc Donalds of Airlines is at it again!

What a pack of cnuts!

Why anyone flies with this joke airline is beyond me!


Ryanair ad banned for slating

An advert for budget airline Ryanair has been banned by the UK’s advertising watchdog after it made misleading and unfair comparisons with online travel agent The advert broke rules on truthfulness and comparative advertising.

The ad appeared in the national press, headlined “Robbed by” It showed a picture of a burglar with “ONLINE AGENT” written on his top. complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that the ad was misleading and, together with the cartoon robber, “denigrated and discredited” its business.

Ryanair denied the claims. It argued that was not authorised to sell its flights and that, in selling Ryanair flights, was in clear breach of the conditions for use of, which restricts use to “private non-commercial purposes”. Ryanair also accused of inflating the prices without consent and without informing passengers.

The ASA said Ryanair failed to provide evidence to show that overcharged customers and had therefore not substantiated the claim “Robbed by”

“We concluded that the claim in conjunction with the image of a robber misleadingly and unfairly discredited Lastminute’s business,” said the ruling, published today.

The ruling did not address Ryanair’s argument that its website conditions forbid non-private, commercial use of the site, perhaps deeming that a matter more suitable for resolution by a court. also complained that a statement in the ad that said “They overcharge by 100 per cent or more” was misleading. The ASA ruled in’s favour. also said the advert’s claim “Don’t provide correct terms and conditions” was misleading because incorporated all their suppliers’ terms and conditions into their own terms and conditions, which customers had to agree to before making a purchase.’s terms and conditions stated:

The contract for the product is between you and the supplier. In most cases this will mean that there are additional terms and conditions governing the contract as each supplier will have terms and conditions relating to that product. Please make sure that you have read these terms and conditions before completing your transaction with us.

The ASA wrote: “We considered that the reference to additional terms and conditions made it clear to customers that they should make further checks with the airline.” It concluded that the advert’s claim was misleading.

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John Adams: The Chairman Dances (1987)

John Adams: The Chairman Dances (1987)
Classical | EAC (APE & CUE) | 204 MB
Various mirrors: Rapidshare, Depositfiles, Megaupload & more!

Combining the vocabulary of classical dance with a suggestion of traditional Chinese lyric gestures and pageantry, The Chairman Dances builds on the repetitiveness of its minimalist score and boldly colorful staging.

It features a lead dancer and a corps of 16 women attired in brilliantly colored Chinese-style costumes, with decor by Rouben Ter-Arutunian.

The ballet was inspired by a scene originally written for, but not included in, the production of Adams’ opera, Nixon in China, that of Chairman Mao dancing with his future bride, the movie star Chiang Ch’ing.


    1 Foxtrot For Orchestra: The Chairman Dances
    2 Christian Zeal And Activity
    3 Two Fanfares For Orchestra: Tromba lontana
    4 Two Fanfares For Orchestra: Short Ride In A Fast Machine
    5 Common Tones In Simple Time

    San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
    Edo de Waart, conductor

    Nonesuch 9 79144-2

Here be Mao;

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
(3% recovery record included)

Thanks to peachfuzz

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Drunk by YiffyGirl

Nice piece of digital art by YiffyGirl

This work reminds me of a mad Irish chick I dated a few years back!

She wasn’t an alcoholic.

Just a former and future alcoholic.

But those boobs swayed like they were drunk all the time!

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Bob Dylan Exclusive – Original artwork for Blonde on Blonde

Yes, we have a true exclusive today at Last Bastion!

The fabled long lost artwork for Dylan’s seminal Blonde on Blonde, released in 1966 by Columbia Records and believed to be the first significant double album in rock music?

Yap, we found it!

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Who In The Hell Is Tom Jones? by Charles Bukowski

Who In The Hell Is Tom Jones?

I was shacked with a

24 year old girl from

New York City for

two weeks- about

the time of the garbage

strike out there, and

one night my 34 year

old woman arrived and

she said, “I want to see

my rival.” she did

and then she said, “o,

you’re a cute little thing!”

next I knew there was a

screech of wildcats-

such screaming and scratch-

ing, wounded animal moans,

blood and piss. . .

I was drunk and in my

shorts. I tried to

seperate them and fell,

wrenched my knee. then

they were through the screen

door and down the walk

and out into the street.

squadcars full of cops

arrived. a police heli-

coptor circled overhead.

I stood in the bathroom

and grinned in the mirror.

it’s not often at the age

of 55 that such splendid

things occur.

better than the Watts


the 34 year old

came back in. she had

pissed all over her-

self and her clothing

was torn and she was

followed by 2 cops who

wanted to know why.

pulling up my shorts

I tried to explain.

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Phony Berlusconi

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Olle Johansson, Sweden,

E-Mail Olle at: tecknar-olle[at] (replace (at) with @)

Visit Olle’s site.

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Curtis Fuller – New Trombone (1957)

Curtis Fuller – New Trombone
Jazz | FLAC | 1CD | 285 MB

Time: 39:04

This was recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey on May 11, 1957.

This album was trombonist Curtis Fuller’s first as a bandleader.

On this date, Fuller is surrounded by fellow expatriates from Detroit, Michigan. Around the time that this record was made, Fuller had just moved to Manhattan from Motor City, and once in New York, he looked up other musicians from his hometown. The result is a keenly like-minded ensemble, including little-known alto saxophonist Sonny Red Kyner and the legendary pianist Hank Jones.

Here, Fuller and company perform mostly original material, with the exception of Mercer and De Paul’s “Namely You” and the Cole Porter standard “What Is This Thing Called Love?”

Other highlights include the angular “Vonce #5” and the up-tempo “Transportation Blues.”


1. Vonce #5 (Curtis Fuller)
2. Transportation Blues (Curtis Fuller)
3. Blue Lawson (Curtis Fuller)
4. Namely You (Mercer-DePaul)
5. What Is This Thing Called Love? (Cole Porter)

Recorded: May 11, 1957


Curtis Fuller (tb)
Sonny Red (as)
Hank Jones (p)
Doug Watkins (b)
Louis Hayes (ds)

Here’s Curtis

pass: connoc

Thanks to the original poster

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emisweet by roykeanz

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Preamble (A Rough Draft For An Ars Poetica) by Jean Cocteau

Preamble (A Rough Draft For An Ars Poetica) by Jean Cocteau


A rough draft

for an ars poetica

. . . . . . .

Let’s get our dreams unstuck

The grain of rye

free from the prattle of grass

et loin de arbres orateurs




It will sprout

But forget about

the rustic festivities

For the explosive word

falls harmlessly

eternal through

the compact generations

and except for you



its sweet-scented dynamite


I discard eloquence

the empty sail

and the swollen sail

which cause the ship

to lose her course

My ink nicks

and there

and there

and there




deep poetry

The mirror-paneled wardrobe

washing down ice-floes

the little eskimo girl


in a heap

of moist negroes

her nose was


against the window-pane

of dreary Christmases

A white bear

adorned with chromatic moire

dries himself in the midnight sun


The huge luxury item

Slowly founders

all its lights aglow

and so

sinks the evening-dress ball

into the thousand mirrors

of the palace hotel

And now

it is I

the thin Columbus of phenomena


in the front

of a mirror-paneled wardrobe

full of linen

and locking with a key

The obstinate miner

of the void


his fertile mine

the potential in the rough

glitters there

mingling with its white rock


princess of the mad sleep

listen to my horn

and my pack of hounds

I deliver you

from the forest

where we came upon the spell

Here we are

by the pen

one with the other


on the page

Isles sobs of Ariadne


dragging along

Aridnes seals

for I betray you my fair stanzas


run and awaken


I plan no architecture



like you Beethoven


like you


numberless old man

born everywhere

I elaborate

in the prairies of inner


and the work of the mission

and the poem of the work

and the stanza of the poem

and the group of the stanza

and the words of the group

and the letters of the word

and the least

loop of the letters

it’s your foot

of attentive satin

that I place in position


tightrope walker

sucked up by the void

to the left to the right

the god gives a shake

and I walk

towards the other side

with infinite precaution

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Vin’s Alice by VinRoc

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Interesting picture by VinRoc

Just as Lewis Carroll envisaged!

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Everything … and the kitchen sink!

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Mike Keefe, The Denver Post
Mike’s award winning work has appeared in the Post for more than 20 years
visit Mike’s web site.
E-Mail Mike.

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Still Standing (barely!)

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R.J. Matson, NY
, The New York Observer and Roll Call

Visit RJ
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Ignazio Albertini: Sonatas For Violin & Continuo

Ignazio Albertini: Sonatas For Violin & Continuo.
(Sonates pour violon & basse continue)

Performed by Héléne Schmitt (violin), Jörg-Andreas Bötticher (harpsichord & organ), Karl-Ernst Schröder (theorbo) and David Sinclair (violine).

Classical | APE & CUE | 1 CD, Covers | Size: 443 MB

Here’s a rather rare piece from an excellent but obscure Italian seventeenth century composer, Ignazio Albertini.

Also known as Ignazio Albertino, Albertini (1644 – 1685) was an Italian Baroque musician and composer.

However, nothing is known about Albertini’s early years in Italy, though he is thought to have been born in Milan!

Albertini first surfaces in Vienna in a letter of recommendation from the distinguished violinist Johann Heinrich Schmelzer to the Prince-Bishop Karl Liechtenstein in 1671. So, what we do know that when Albertini was about 27 he was in Vienna. It is also known that he was employed there by Eleonora Gonzaga II, the widow of Ferdinand III, shortly before he came to an rather untimely end, stabbed to death!

The little music of Albertini that has survived is marked by a fusion of Italian influences and the virtuoso violin tradition typical of Austria and Germany.

His sonatas for violin and continuo are characterized by strong contrasts and smooth transitions. Free-form and strongly rhythmic passages predominate over dances, as was characteristic of the music of Schmelzer and his circle in Vienna which also included the violinist-composer Heinrich Ignaz Biber.


01. Sonata I (8’00)
02. Sonata II (5’43)
03. Sonata III (5’51)
04. Prélude pour théorbe (Bartolotti) (3’56)
05. Sonata IV (6’30)
06. Sonata V (6’45)
07. Sonata VII (6’45)
08. Toccatina pour clavecin (Richter) (4’29)
09. Sonata VIII (6’57)
10. Prélude pour théorbe (Bartolotti) (0’54)
11. Sonata X (8’10)
12. Toccata V pour clavecin (Kerll) (2’47)
13. Sonata XI (5’15)
14. Sonata XII (4’39)

Ignazio Albertini, Angelo Michele Bartolotti, Johann Kaspar Kerll, Ferdinand Tobias Richter

Hélène Schmitt, Jörg-Andreas Bötticher, Karl-Ernst Schröder, David Sinclair.

Here’s Al!

Thanks the original poster

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Sweet Dreams by Kittie-chan

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I’ve travelled the world and the seven seas
Everybody’s looking for something.

Nice collage work by Kittie–chan

This features one of our favourite Japland Idols, curvy cutie Aki Hoshino – the “Angel of Japan! [link]

Man, if those absurd creatures called angels from Christian fiction – sorry Theology – looked like this, I’d renounce my Aetheism immediately!

I’d even set up a fan club for the Nazi Pope!

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Sun Kil Moon’s epic ‘Lost Verses’

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Song: “Lost Verses”

Artist: Sun Kil Moon
Writer: Mark Kozelek
CD: April
Genre: Folk-Rock

I’ve risen up from the dead

With the burning leaves of autumn
If only for one last chance
That all of whom have been defeated
To put on my father’s wool coat
To smell my mother’s fragrances and perfumes
To find my young brothers and sisters
To never leave or let them go.

Here’s the epic Kozelek track from this year’s wonderful April , the album opener, “Lost Verses,” covered in a piece from NPR below.

It’s a beautiful, sprawling song of pure poetry cloaked in a blanket of typical Kozelek musical duende.


To at least one generation of mopes, Mark Kozelek is a patron saint: As leader of Red House Painters, he made some of the most exquisitely sad, slow-burning music of the ’90s.

In the years since that band’s demise, Kozelek has mostly moved sideways, recording several albums in which he proved his skill at finding the brooding underbelly of AC/DC (the solo What’s Next to the Moon) and Modest Mouse (Tiny Cities), the latter of which he tackled with the help of his Red House Painters-esque band, Sun Kil Moon.

Fortunately, Sun Kil Moon remains remarkably adept at crafting somber, epic ballads like the gorgeous “Lost Verses,” which opens the new April. Affecting and engrossing in spite of — or perhaps because of — its nearly 10-minute running time, “Lost Verses” would have fit seamlessly on Red House Painters’ self-titled 1994 masterpiece (the one with the rollercoaster on the cover).

Skimming across some of Kozelek’s favorite themes — the changing seasons, evocative scenery, the pursuit of warmth and comfort — “Lost Verses” sounds like an abridged guide to what makes him tick as a songwriter. (There it is: the only time this song and the word “abridged” will ever appear in a sentence together.) As such, it’s both a fine introduction for the uninitiated and a stirring progress report on a career that hasn’t stopped generating grand highlights.

Listen HERE:

‘Lost Verses’ by Sun Kil Moon

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John Adams: Grand Pianola Music / Steve Reich: Vermont Counterpoint (1985)

John Adams: Grand Pianola Music / Steve Reich: Vermont Counterpoint (1985)
Classical | EAC, APE & CUE) | 243 MB
Various mirrors: Rapidshare, Depositfiles, Megaupload & more!

Grand Pianola Music (1982) is scored for a small orchestra of winds, percussion, sopranos, and two pianos, and has a light-hearted, humorous, and, at times, sharply parodistic edge.

The work is something akin to a musical ex¬orcism: In it John Adams has brought together a variety of elements from his musical past, including the marches and band music he played in his youth, a touch of Gospel, some Beethovenian piano writing-and even a patently diatonic theme that is reworked until it becomes an archetypal minimalist figure.

Steve Reich’s Vermont Counterpoint, dedicated to Betty Freeman, is scored for three alto flutes, three flutes, and three piccolos, plus two solo lines in each of which the soloist plays, one at a time, all three instruments.

For this recording, Ransom Wilson taped all nine ensemble parts plus one solo line, and then added the “live” solo line as the final touch.


    John Adams
    Grand Pianola Music
    for 3 sopranos, 2 pianos, winds, brass & percussion 32:08

    Pamela Wood Ambush, soprano
    Jane Bryden, soprano
    Kimball Wheeler, soprano
    Ursula Oppens, piano
    Alan Feinberg, piano
    Solisti New York
    Ransom Wilson, conductor

    1. 1st & 2nd Movement
    2. 3rd Movement (“On the Dominany Divide”)

    Steve Reich
    3. Vermont Counterpoint, for piccolo, flutes & tape 8:49

    Ransom Wilson, flute

    This work is scored for three alto flutes, three flutes, and three piccolos, plus two solo lines in each of which the soloist plays all three instruments. In performance all but one solo line are intended to be heard on tape. On this recording Ransom Wilson plays all eleven parts.

    4. Eight Lines (revision of “Octet”), for chamber orchestra 18:12

    Solisti New York
    Ransom Wilson, conductor

    Angel 7 47331-2

Here’s Stevie;

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 2
(3% recovery record included)

Thanks peachfuzz

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