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Korea kutie Lee Hyo-ri (이효리)

Sexpot Lee Hyo-ri is touted to be the highest paid female singer in South Korea after inking a 3-year contract with M-Net Entertainment for 2.2 billion won (RM8.27 mil) in Nov 2006.

Her affair with the entertainment industry started in 1998 when she was part of the successful girl group Fin.K.L (Fine Killing Liberty – huh?). Apparently, she was a last-minute addition to the band and was discovered while taking sticker pictures with her friends. See that? Taking sticker pictures can bring you fame and fortune! May wonders never cease.

In 2003, Hyo-ri released her first solo album entitled Stylish. She bagged more than seven awards at the prestigious Daesang Awards (South Korea‘s music awards) for the album. She was white hot at that time and the media even dubbed 2003 “The Year of Hyo-ri”.

There was a controversy recently when Hyo-ri released her sophomore solo album, Dark Angel. The songwriters of the album’s first single, Get Ya, were accused of plagiarism because the track sounded very much like Britney Spear’s Why Don’t You Do Something.

And so Hyo-ri and her management did (something), they ditched promotional efforts for that nasty single and hyped up her next single. To cut a long story short, both the single and album were not successful.

Humph, like that’s going to stop this sex kitten, who has turned to acting. She appears in the drama If In Love…Like Them with Lee Dong-gun. Apparently, the drama faced some problems too and the Korean Broadcasting Committee even banned it from being aired in South Korea again.

Nonetheless, this sexy star has enough endorsement deals and a grand master plan to keep her afloat. So no worries, fan boys…and girls. Recently, the 28-year-old was chosen as the first Asian model for Calvin Klein Jeans.

Name: Lee Hyo-ri/ Lee Hyo-lee/ E Hyo-lee

Date of birth: May 10, 1979

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Blood type: A

Religion: Christian

Family: Parents, an older brother & an older sister


  • It’s Hyorish (2008)
  • If In Love Like Them (2007)
  • Dark Angel (2006)
  • Stylish (2003)


  • If In Love…Like Them (2007)
  • Three Leaf Clover (2005)

Lee Hyori – Hey Mr. Big MV (english subbed)

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Sexy Lee Hyori models for Ocean World

Korean kutie and singer Lee Hyori prances around in her white bikini top and short shorts for some ads for Ocean World waterpark.

Works for us! These ads sure convince us! Let’s go. Were the hell is Ocean World though?!

More pics below.

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki

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Thailand Hotty – Cocci

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Hallelujah hits number one and two slots in Christmas charts

A rather surreal development in the history of the masterpiece Hallelujah, a song we’ve written about on numerous occasions before.

That Burke chick looks ok (we’d hit that for sure!) but her cover version – at once bland and overblown – is atrociously bad! Like a mixture of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston and a zombie choir. Ewwwwww!!

We’re really happy though that the Cohen coffers are being filled, and however indirectly, the great man is in the public spotlight again!

Some versions of this classic (many of em rather bad!)

Kermit the frog | Mark Viduka tribute | Chris Moyles’ lamb bhuna | My Halloumia | Jeff Buckley | Bob Dylan | k.d. lang | Sheryl Crowe | Rufus Wainwright | U2 | Bon Jovi | John Cale | Imogen Heap | JLS | Alexandra Burke

Hallelujah hits number one and two slots in Christmas charts

The X Factor winner, Alexandra Burke, and the late Jeff Buckley scooped the Christmas No 1 and 2 slots yesterday with their covers of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, the first time in more than 40 years that one title has secured the top two places in the charts. Cohen himself came in at No 36.

Burke, who said she was “gutted” when first told that she would have to sing Hallelujah, notched up 576,000 sales, making her version the fastest-selling single by a female solo artist, beating the record set by Leona Lewis after she won The X Factor two years ago. Burke also smashed the online record, with 289,000 downloads, almost twice as many as Lewis in 2006.

Martin Talbot, managing director of the Official Charts Company, which compiles the figures, said: “It is a particularly amazing week for Alexandra Burke, who has broken a string of records to announce her arrival in spectacular style.” In addition, Mr Talbot said, chart placings at 1, 2 and 36 “are remarkable for a 25-year-old song which has never previously reached the Top 40”.
Times Archive, 1985: Leonard Cohen live at Hammersmith

The mournful Hallelujah may seem an unlikely choice for a Christmas single and Burke admitted yesterday: “It just didn’t do anything for me.”

What she called her “Whitney Houston spin”, with gospel choir, angered fans of the Cohen and Buckley versions. A campaign to promote Buckley’s 1994 version – released three years before he died aged 30 – saw it finish 496,000 sales behind Burke.

The last time one song held the top two spots is believed to be February 1965, when You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling was No 1 for the Righteous Brothers and No 2 for Cilla Black.

Take That have topped the album charts with The Circus, which sold 382,000 copies last week to take it to a million sales in 18 days, the second fastest album sales in history, after Be Here Now by Oasis in 1997.

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Hallelujah: Why your version is the best

Another piece on Lenny’s sublime Hallelujah, which surreally, thanks to the effects of dilution (the process started with the saccharine Jeff Buckley version on the Grace LP and has never let up, as the song has become – and still becomes – ever more and more diluted!) and having a slew of awful reality show contestants and other muzak mongers recently abuse the song, scooped the Christmas No 1 and 2 slots in UK via X Factor winner, Alexandra Burke, and the late Jeff Buckley.

We’re not sure we see any logic in the argument being espoused in the article below though. On numerous occasions, we’ve first heard a song via a cover-version and have in most cases, having later sought out the original, found that to be even better.

As for the rather ridiculous matter of “best version” of Hallelujah, any real music fan will know that the two original versions by Lenny are clearly best!

There’s also a vid here for a 1995 version from Lord Bono, which the article writer hates, but we find interesting and kinda like – well, it’s far better than most of Bono’s output and far better than 90% of the awful covers of this masterpiece.

Alexandra_burke_2Hallelujah: Why your version is the best


Whose version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is the best? I think there is a political dimension to this question.

Jeff Buckley? Sheryl Crow? Alexandra Burke? Rufus Wainwright? Leonard Cohen? Each has their own interpretation and each their partisan. So let me put forward a theory about why people prefer a particular artist.

They heard that artist sing the song first. (This isn’t true of absolutely every single person and every song, but true of most people and most songs).

When people hear a song they like and become attached to it, they will never enjoy a cover quite as much. The reason is that they anchor to the original. All other versions are departures from the version they fell in love with.

If I compare Rufus Wainwright to Jeff Buckley, I start with the Wainwright. Buckley seems underpowered. But for those who start with the Buckley version, the Wainwright may seem arch.

As Dan Ariely explains at the beginning of Predictably Irrational, we make choices by making comparisons. To do this we need to establish an anchor point.

The political dimension? Well, why does Gordon Brown appear to be soaring when he is in fact behind in the polls? And why are the Tories being asked where they would cut spending when in fact they plan increases? The answer is the same in both cases, it is that the position is compared to the anchor points – the 20 point Tory lead and the Government’s spending plans.

So that’s how you select your favourite Hallelujah version. That, and the fact that it isn’t this truly terrible version by Bono.

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Israeli Mass Murdering continues unabated

Unfortunately in a war …. sometimes also civilians pay the price

-Tzipi Livni
(Israeli Foreign Minister)

We have an all out war against Hamas and it’s kind

-Ehud Barak
(Israeli Defence Minister)

The late great Harold Pinter wrote the powerful American Football about the obscene debacle of the so-called, “Gulf War”.

He might as easily have written it about the latest obscene debacle where Israel – in the eyes of many, an illegitimate State – with unlimited devastating weaponry, and limitless American support, has for days now literally unleashed hell upon thousands and thousands of innocent unarmed Palestinian children and families; the self same Palestinian people who have inhabited that territory for countless generations.

All strategically and very conveniently timed while Obama was in Hawaii, Bush was in Texas, and Rice was conveniently AWOL too!

Furthermore, a prominent Israeli tactic has been the enforcement of a blanket media blockade to prevent the world seeing exactly what the Israelis are doing, thus providing a window in which all sorts of abuse can go on, undocumented!

The Foreign Press Association in Jerusalem, which represents some 400 journalists, has taken its petition for access to Gaza to the Supreme Court. In an open letter it protested against the “unprecedented restriction of press freedom. As a result the world’s media is unable to accurately report on events inside Gaza at this critical time.”

While restricting foreign media access to the battle zone, Israel has also launched a vigorous propaganda offensive to put its point of view across to the world, with its army yesterday – quite surreally and obscenely – unveiling its own YouTube channel showing battlefield footage of airstrikes on Hamas militants loading rockets on a truck to fire at Israel.

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Mushi Mushi Kana !

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Naughty Helen Flanagan


Helen Flanagan?


Are you sure?

Can’t be Irish!



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Steven Gerrard in Scouser Arrest Shocker!

Man, we’re shocked! Another Scouser arrested! You gotta be joking! Scouseland is a lovely place with no violence or crime whatsoever! Full of hard-working contributors to society!

Liverpool’s only decent player, yet very over-rated, scouser Steven Gerrard has spent some time in the nick for affray in the wee small hours outside some dodgy scouse night-club.

What we’re most surprised about is the fact that it’s only his first arrest!

We see that Gerrard has hailed this current Liverpool side as the best he has played in!

Talk about damning with faint praise!

All the other sides he’s played in have been shite! Not alone have they NEVER won the Premiership, they’ve never even come close! (Ok, they did have a very fluky win in the 2005 Champs League – but they were luckier than OJ Simpson at his murder trial!)

from the excellent

England and Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard has been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray following an alleged nightclub brawl, Merseyside police said.

The Reds captain was charged on Tuesday morning along with two other men who had also been arrested after a “disturbance” outside a late-night bar in Southport, Merseyside in the early hours of Monday morning.

The venue’s DJ, a 34-year-old local man, required hospital treatment after suffering facial injuries.

Gerrard, 28, was released from Southport police station early on Tuesday morning.

He was at the restaurant and bar – which turns into a nightclub – with friends to celebrate Liverpool’s 5-1 win over Newcastle.

In a statement, a Merseyside Police spokesman said: “Merseyside Police has charged Steven Gerrard, 28 years, of Formby, Sefton, John Doran, 29, and Ian Smith, 19 years, both from Huyton, Liverpool, with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray following an incident at Bold Street in Southport in the early hours of Monday, December 29.

“The three men will be appearing at North Sefton Magistrates’ Court on January 23.”

The spokesman said Gerrard and the two other men had been bailed and three other men who were arrested in connection with the incident were released on police bail pending further inquiries.

After the game on Sunday Gerrard, who scored twice, hailed his table-topping side as the best he has played in.

But several hours later he was apparently caught up in an altercation outside the Lounge Inn in Bold Street.

Police were called and arrested six men on suspicion of assault in nearby Lord Street.

The town centre business remained shut yesterday but evidence of a fight inside could be seen through the windows.

Spots of blood were clearly visible on the floor, along with shards of broken glass.

Gerrard has been capped by England 70 times and has captained his country on four occasions.

He was made an MBE last year and received an honorary fellowship from Liverpool John Moores University.

Liverpool’s next match is against Preston in the FA Cup on Saturday.

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What’s merry about it?

by Cameron (Cam) Cardow, Canada
The Ottawa Citizen, Visit Cam’s great site. E-mail Cam.

Another beautiful and powerful piece from Cam!

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Peace on Earth …. except Gaza !

Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune, Utah

E-mail Pat. Visit Pat’s site.

For the amount of carnage and death being unleashed on innocent Palestinian citizens, the Western reaction, in the media and otherwise, has been relatively muted. Especially in America. I wonder what the response might have been had Palestinians blanket-bombed Jerusalem and Haifa? Ermmmmmm !!!!

What perfect timing by the incredibly heavily armed aggressors! Before Obama gets into the hot seat …. so he’s “blameless”. After Bush has been on extended holiday for months ….. so he’s “blameless”!

So no finger of blame! No finger of shame! Great teamwork Israel and USA!

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Mushi Mushi Juicy Honey Maria Ozawa

Is it remotely possible that we haven’t posted the most delicious half-Canuck half-Japanese hotty on this or any other planet, for an exceedingly long time?


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Change? … Yes Please!

Daryl Cagle,

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Hotty Heather Rae

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RIAA Wins $8K Default Settlement Against Chronically Ill Teen

These internet nazis are running amok lately. They need to be reined in. Except of course, since they’re mammoth companies with immense wealth, and thus power, they won’t be.

Technology has created a brand new landscape now mofos! The internet has become a kernel part of modern life, modern business. And file-sharing is a kernel part of the internet. Has been for years and years now.

The muzak biz needs to come up with a new business paradigm to deal with these realities. Not try to piss against one wall of modern reality in the hope that it will fall down!

The muzak biz wants to have their cake and eat it. They’re happy to luxuriate in the cheap and immediate distribution channels afforded by the internet to anywhere in the world and happy to gorge on the immediate worldwide mass publicity and consequent sales they can generate for their muzak biz acts via the internet. It all means more goodies in the massive muzak biz trough!

But the muzak biz isn’t happy with that! No, no no! They want to keep the bits of the technology apparatus that fill up their massive troughs but attack anything they feel is not so lucrative.

However, if the muzak biz dumbly does want to attack the concept of file sharing, it’s obvious that they need to go after whoever is hosting the files!! D’Oh!!! …. However, as many of these hosts are well outside the claws of the generally yankee muzak biz, they’re not happy with that approach. It’s too fucking difficult! And too fucking expensive! And inevitably futile.

And, as for peer to peer communications, the muzak biz is going to get no success whatsoever in trying to control and shut this medium – unless they can manage to enforce Al Queda style censorship across the planet! Which is exactly what these nazis would love to do! However, there is only one Afghanistan mofos, and this ain’t it!

So instead the muzak biz tries to find easy targets.

The muzak biz go after the likes of kids and music fans and bloggers generally sharing links they found on a simple web search to poor quality files! They try to attack the concept of freedom of speech by trying to prevent folk from saying they found such and such via a simple web search!

The real fact is that nobody is making money from file-sharing (aside perhaps from some file hosts). And certainly not this unfortunate sick kid in the article below who the muzak biz has come down extremely hard upon – a kid who’s being reared by a single mum trying to care for her family on minimum wage!

Stop picking on the easy, and wrong, targets assholes! It’s the twenty-first Century now. Deal with it!

RIAA Wins $8K Default Settlement Against Chronically Ill Teen


Like something straight out of a bad made-for-TV movie, the RIAA has handed down its most recent hard-earned lesson about file sharing (and a possible $8,000 fine) to Ciara Sauro, a 19-year-old girl who suffers from pancreatitis and severe depression, has mounting medical bills and whose mother brings in just $8.25 an hour.

In the midst of her weekly required hospitalizations (because of her condition and her need for an islet cell transplant), she apparently shared a whopping 10 songs with other people over the internet. Shockingly, Sauro wasn’t able to make it in to court to defend herself, and as such, the judge entered a default judgment against her for close to $8,000.

Unlike most Americans, Sauro actually adamently denies that she was the perpetrator of the file-sharing crime, and is (obviously) outraged that she may have to pay such a hefty fine for something she didn’t do. We agree, of course, but we also wonder why the RIAA hasn’t managed to track down the perfectly healthy, financially well-off, 20-something hackers who download and share tens of thousands of files every week and asked them to pay up. Regardless of whether you think anyone should be held criminally liable for file sharing, you have to agree with this — some poor sick kid in Pittsburgh who (allegedly) shared 10 tunes with some friends does not deserve such a punishment.

Sauro and her mom say that the internet account sited in the lawsuit was actually opened by her father after he moved out. The good news is, a local attorney has offered to represent Ciara pro-bono and ask a judge to re-open the case. Interestingly, available now through the RIAA is a resource guide for parents and teachers called “Young People, Music and the Internet: A Guide For Parents & Teachers About Digital Music & Downloading.” Ironically, you can’t view it on the site. You have to download it.

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Pinay hotty Patricia Fernandez

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Gulf Wars Episode II

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Soldier Arms

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