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BEIRUT/ The Real People – The Joys Of Losing Weight

The Real People (later known as BEIRUT) – The Joys Of Losing Weight
2001 | lo-fi electronic/Indie/Alt | MP3 | 256Kbps | 135Mb

Do you like experimental music? Do you like songs without titles? Do you like Beirut? Do you like Lebanon? Do you like Lesbianism? Do you like loads of dumb questions? Well, then here’s the album for you, The Joy of Losing Weight by Oprah Winfrey … sorry by The Real People!

The Real People consists of, surprise surprise, one Zach Condon of Beirut fame!

Amazingly, Condon made this album at the age of fifteen! And even more amazing, or maybe not considering who made it, the album is quite good. Fifteen? …. shouldn’t he have been out behind the school bike shed sniffing glue and drinking cider with the local peroxide blond bikes instead of messing about with some downloaded studio software in his bedroom all day?

Anyway, some blurb from somewhere on the initial release of this;

“This album has never been released, is not available for sale, and has never been seen or heard by anyone other than a handful of people who have personally received a copy of this record. It pre-dates all of his work with Beirut and does not bear any influence of the Balkan/Eastern Gypsy sound that he has become renowned and critically acclaimed for; however, it’s a highly precocious album that’s steeped in amazing melodies draped against a backdrop of synthesized electronica: imagine an entire electronic/experimental album in the style of Scenic World with Zach’s distinctive vocals and the occasional appearance of his famous brass instrumentation.”

Fair enough!

So here she be, 21 tracks in all …. and no titles! Have fun and make up your own titles!

We call the first one “Flower Ozawa Biscuit Hangover”! Or maybe that’s my new GF’s name …. I can’t remember!

We found this link for this bootleg collection …. yap, nazis that means it ain’t our fucking link and this ain’t a commercial release!!


All thanks to GuessNot4Me


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