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Barack Obama’s “We Are One Concert” – 18 January 2009

Barack Obama’s “We Are One Concert”
18 January 2009

mp3/ 150mb
Some very strange contributors here – what the fuck are the likes of Jack Black and Marisa Tomei doing here? (unless perhaps Marisa did a spot of stripping as in “The Wrestler”!) – and a fair bit of muzak – Garth Brooks et al – but a historic document nonetheless.

Great to hear folk stalwart Pete Seeger perform the classic This Land with Bruce Springsteen, and the Boss perform the best song of the day in “The Rising”.

Where’s Bob Dylan though? We thought Obama was a big fan!

We never knew Boner and ‘Shakira the Screama’ were Americans!! They say you learn something new every day. With us, it’s once every year!

Man, it sure looked cold there! We hope ‘Shakira the Screama’ wore her thermal g-string!

Bey: “Are you grabbing my tit there, Brucie?”


01. Various – Concert Intruducion.mp3″
02. Various – The Star Spangled Banner.mp3″
03. Denzel Washington – Speech.mp3″
04. Bruce Springsteen – The Rising.mp3″
05. Laura Linney & Martin Luther King III – Speech.mp3″
06. Mary J. Blige – Lean On Me.mp3″
07. Steve Carell & Jamie Foxx – Speech.mp3″
08. Bettye Lavette And Jon Bon Jovi – Long Time Coming.mp3″
09. Tom Hanks – Speech.mp3″
10. Marisa Tomei – Speech.mp3″
11. James Taylor, John Legend & Jennifer Nettles – Shower The People.mp3″
12. Joe Biden – Speech.mp3″
13. John Mellencamp – Pink Houses.mp3″
14. Queen Latifah – Speech.mp3″
15. Josh Groban & Heather Headley – Freedom Ring.mp3″
16. Kal Penn & George Lopez – Speech.mp3″
17. Herbie Hancock, Will.I.Am & Sheryl Crow – One Love.mp3″
18. Tiger Woods – Speech.mp3″
19. Renee Fleming – Medley.mp3″
20. Jack Black & Rosario Dawson – Speech.mp3″
21. Garth Brooks – American Pie-Shout-We Shall Be Free.mp3″
22. Ashley Judd & Forest Whitaker – Speech.mp3″
23. Usher, Stevie Wonder, & Shakira – Higher Ground.mp3″
24. Samuel L. Jackson – Speech.mp3″
25. U2 – Pride (In The Name Of Love)-City Of Blinding Lights.mp3″
26. Various – Bald Eagles Presentation.mp3″
27. Barack Obama – Speech.mp3″
28. Pete Seeger With Bruce Springsteen – This Land.mp3″
29. Beyonce & Cast – America The Beautiful.mp3″
30. Various – Concert Credits.mp3″

Beyoncé – America The Beautiful
“We Are One Concert”

We found a link for this historic bootleg … that means it’s not our link, Internet Nazis! …

Thanks GG

Note: The poster adds;
My version of Winrar does not like the ” in the directory name. To extract it, I manually created a target folder, then in Winrar opened the archive & the il-named folder within. The I selected all and told it to extract to the destination folder. Before clicking OK, I clicked on the Advanced tab and told it “do not extract paths”.


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