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Mickey Rourke and Bob Dylan love in !

Well, (Bob)’s not big talking on the phone. Not big talking, period.

Mickey and Bobby – a rather incongruous pairing indeed! But the two great artists have developed a friendship and huge mutual respect, as described in the short amusing below!

MICKEY ROURKE once received an unexpected midnight phone call from BOB DYLAN – and their ensuing conversation set them on the path to lifelong friendship.

The Wrestler star appeared the folk legend’s 2003 film Masked and Anonymous and the pair would often chat about Rourke’s character.

But the actor, who describes Dylan as the most interesting person in the world, was shocked to receive a late-night call from the singer.

He says, “I’ve known him several years and we talk on the phone. Well, he’s not big talking on the phone. Not big talking, period. I had a little part in some arty farty movie we did. He called me in the middle of the night and I’d say, ‘Who’s this?’ And he’d say, ‘Bob.’ And I’d say, ‘Bob who?’ And he said, ‘You know… Bob.’ Oh f**k. Bob Dylan.

“He would ask me what he should be doing in a scene when he had no dialogue, and I would say, ‘Why not do some activity?’ I’d give him some little acting points, and we became friends.”

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