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Ringo Starr clamps down on autographs

This is a serious message ….
… I’m warning you ….
…. Peace and Love
Peace and Love
Peace and Love

Back in October, in this short crazy video, Ringo’s pissed off and declares that he will no longer sign any autographs dated after October 20, just one week after this announcement and that all future fan mail will be trashed, unread!

All while weirdly flashing the peace sign and suffering some sort of Peace and Love tourettes!!

Peace and Love right back at ya, Ringo – you grumpy old bastard!!

Can we have an autograph please Mr. Ringo?! You’re definitely one of our favourite Beatles ever! Well, after George and John! Oh, and after Pete Best, too of course!!

More below from

Ringo Starr recently put a video update on his official website asking people not to continue to send fan mail to be signed after October 20. This was in direct response to an inordinate amount of items which have recently appeared for sale on e-bay, and to those that repeatedly send cards and items to be signed.

This message was not aimed at “real fans” and after over 45 yrs of signing we know they will understand. Ringo has always signed items and is in fact the only Beatle to have been doing so.

Ringo also feels strongly that it is a waste of paper and we all should be mindful of our carbon footprint. At the end of the day Ringo wanted to make a message that was clear and to the point and is confident his real fans understand that. That said, the recent response from the media has prompted him to clarify that video.

“How amazed am I to the reaction to my video update. I hope this statement gets as much. Please read this in a mellow way. Peace and love, Ringo.”

Update ;

Abbeyrd’s Beatles Page has received the answer to our inquiry to Ringo’s press representatives about future Ringo signings. They told us the restriction on autographs by mail is pretty clear — there won’t be any. But his press office told us other situations in the future will be evaluated “as they come up when they come up — such as when he is again on tour or engaged in any promotions.” So, to answer the question, Ringo hasn’t completely ended all signings, only those by mail. Others are still possible. And, as his press office told us, “He is an extremely charitable human being and that has not changed.”

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