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10 songs the ‘Mad Men’ shouldn’t touch

10 songs the ‘Mad Men’ shouldn’t touch

January 29th 2009

There’s nothing more tired at this point than bitching about stars selling out their songs to Madison Avenue.

That battle is so last century.

Still, every so often a star’s shill retains the rare ability to bring up the bile.

For many, that moment will surely come when they hear about Bob Dylan selling his seminal ode “Blowin’ In The Wind” to a British company that pushes food stores, funeral homes, and financial services.

Of course, the company in question issued a lot of blather about their ethical concerns and progressive views. But, face it, it’s still a business and it’s still “Blowin’ In The Wind,” fer’chrissakes.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with ten songs most likely to make the public apoplectic should they be reduced to ads for adult diapers or sex-enhancement pills:

1) “Mother” John Lennon: The ultimate protest against hypocrisy from the angriest ex-Beatle just won’t do as a plug.

2) “Mercedes Benz” Janis Joplin: Actually, this satire of car-lust and rampant materialism already has been used in an ad – to sell Mercedes, no less.

3) “Volunteers of America” Jefferson Airplane:A song calling for the overthrow of the American government wouldn’t exactly sit right on Madison Avenue would it?

4) “Revolution” The Beatles: Another anti-conformity anthem that, again, has already been subverted in a Nike ad. Blame Michael Jackson, who held the rights to the catalogue at the time.

5) “Born to Run” Bruce Springsteen: Let’s just hope it never turns up as a car spot.

6) “God Save The Queen” Sex Pistols: One of the most deliciously nasty hits in history needs to keep its fangs unsullied and sharp.

7) “Smells like Teen Spirit” Nirvana: Can you imagine just how many somersaults Kurt Cobain’s body would do in his grave should this happen?

8) “People Get Ready” Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions: One of the most stirring civil rights anthems in history needs to stay pure.

9) “Won’t Get Fooled Again” The Who: It’s bad enough that it turned up as a theme song in a nighttime drama. We couldn’t take any deeper desecration.

10) “The Times They Are a Changin'” Bob Dylan: The irony would cut too deep.

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