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Batty Batman Bateman goes f*cking Bale-istic : Remix Edition!

Holy psychotic verbal ballistics remixes, Batman!!

We already wrote about pampered Method (bat)Man, Christian Bale’s ballistic rant on the set of ‘Terminator Salvation’ threatening to quit after a director of photography accidentally walked onto the set.

After the audio leaked, people – of course! – started uploading remixed versions of the meltdown.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery? Maybe not, but in any event, check out some of the best remixes below!

The Bale-istic Remixes

Warning: Explicit Language!

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#1: RevoLucian’s Bale Remix

#2: ‘Hip To Be A Square’ Remix

#3: Freak Out Remix

#4: R U Professional Remix

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    Andy Samberg’s seemingly harmless impression of him on ‘Saturday Night Live’ didn’t sit well with Mark Wahlberg, who told the NY Post that “it wasn’t like Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin, that’s for sure.” He went on to say he’s turned down offers to do the late night staple “a ton of the times.”

    NBC / Getty Images

    The war of fists between the Blonsky and Golden families has turned into a war of words, as Blonsky now says she is “completely destroyed” by their July airport brawl.

    Marcel Thomas, (1) / Jamie McCarthy, (2)

    Mischa Barton vs. Victoria Beckham: The actress has launched a one-woman, and ultimately one-sided, fashion battle with the extremely stylish Spice Girl. “Posh doesn’t strike me as particularly stylish,” she said. “I don’t think she’s a good example of British style at all.”

    Getty Images (2)

    Dennis Quaid vs. Meg Ryan: The former husband and wife who divorced in 2001 are feuding again, as Ryan has said in multiple interviews that Quaid’s infidelity caused her to have an affair.

    Getty Images

    Pat O’Brien vs. Lara Spencer : Pat O’Brien, former host and current correspondent of ‘The Insider’ wrote an email to staffers this weekend, slamming his colleague Lara Spencer. He suggested Spencer’s most popular work “makes the viewers want to vomit.” Nice.

    Frank Micelotta, Getty Images

    Roger Ebert vs. Lou Lumenick: Thyroid cancer has literally left Ebert speechless, so when his sightline was obstructed during a screening this week, the critic tried repeatedly to use tapping and gestures to get the attention of the guy in front of him. That dude was rival critic Lou Lumenick, who probably didn’t think it through before hitting Ebert on the leg.

    Seth Perlman, AP

    Alec Baldwin vs. Greg Garcia: One day after Alec Baldwin criticized ‘My Name Is Earl’ in the New Yorker, the show’s creator/executive producer Greg Garcia took a few jabs at Baldwin, calling him a “psychotic narcissist.”

    Getty Images (2)

    Elton John and Lily Allen took a few under-the-belt shots at each other while they hosted the GQ Men of the Year awards in Britain. John went after Allen’s drinking and she shot back and made fun of his age.

    Dave M. Benett, Getty Images

    “Evil spawn Angelina Jolie and her vacuous hubby Brad Pitt make about forty million dollars a year in violent psychopathic movies and give away three of it to starving children trying to look as if they give a crap about humanity,” Roseanne Barr writes on her blog. She also criticizes the couple for not supporting Barack Obama. / Getty Images

    Noel Gallagher said hip-hop had no place at the Glastonbury Festival where Jay-Z performed. Now, Jay jabs back. “That bloke from Oasis said I couldn’t play guitar, somebody shoulda told him I’m a f—– rock star,” he raps on a new track.

    WireImage/Getty Images

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