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Springsteen electrifies Super Bowl

Put down the f*cking chicken fingers and step back from that dip!!

Brooce and the E Street band deliver a typically powerful performance cramming some real classics into the short 12 minute slot, replete with a slide across the stage right into the scared camera-man!

The idea of course was to promote the new album, but the title track of said LP, “Working On A Dream”, was a bit of a low point. As was that gab about f*cking Disneyland!

Bruce Springsteen rocks the Super Bowl in Tampa.

by Jay Lustig
The Star-Ledger

The Super Bowl was born at the height of the rock ‘n’ roll revolution. But it wasn’t until Super Bowl XLIII, tonight, that the game really rocked.

Bruce Springsteen’s performance was only 12 minutes. But it was 12 minutes of real rock ‘n’ roll. And by Super Bowl standards, that counts as a miracle.

He crammed four songs into that 12 minutes, with fireworks going off overhead and the crowd going nuts. At various points along the way, he slid across the front of the stage (appearing to collide with a camera), dropped to his knees, spun his guitar around his body, played windmill-style power chords, and ventured into the crowd to commune with fans.

He started out with a funny line: “I want you to step back from the guacamole dip. I want you to put the chicken fingers down, and turn your television all the way up!”

The band launched into the “Tenth Avenue Freeze-out. The song’s fanfare, deftly executed by a five-piece horn section, struck just the right over-the-top starting note, and its bar-band sensibility set just the right tone. It was a shortened version, followed by “Born To Run,” sounding as desperate and anthemic as ever.

Next came “Working On a Dream,” the title track from his new album. A choir joined him, spreading across the stage, but still, this song represented a momentary lull in the set.

Springsteen cut the song short, segueing into “Glory Days.” Originally a song about baseball, it became one about football: the singer’s friend threw a “hail Mary” instead of a “speedball.” As the worked toward the end, Springsteen bantered with guitarist Steven Van Zandt. Springsteen said he was worried about taking too much time, and sure enough, someone dressed as a referee came onstage and threw a flag.

Springsteen ended the set with the classic winner’s line: “I’m going to Disneyland!”


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