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Top 10 Luscious Lesbian Lip Lockings

Oh do me delicious Denise! Do me! Do me!

Anyone who’s seen Woody Allen’s latest flick Vicky Christina Barcelona would agree that perhaps the more memorable moment therein is the incredibly passionate kiss between booby beauties Scarlett Johansonn and Penelope Cruz.

Mr. Allen, after decades of dull mediocrity, we almost forgive you! Almost!

When we begin to scholarly reminisce upon the most memorable screen kisses, we are surprised how many involved couples of the same sex – well, of the female sex, of course! Maybe it just says a lot about our weirdness!

Of course we’re talking about mainstream movies here! There are countless billion better moments from, let’s call it, non mainstream movies! Which is the type of movie we’re normally watching most!

Most of these films, from Wild Things to Cruel Intentions and beyond, seem to have gone down in history more for their luscious lesbian lip locking than anything else! Well, aside from David Lynch’s stone cold classic Mulholland Drive and Roman Polanski’s fine Bitter Moon.

So here’s a top ten best luscious lesbian lip lockings from the movies! No more words are needed! We don’t have anymore words anyway!

Thanks to the mighty fine

10. Chasing Amy (1997)

Joey Lauren Adams and some other hotty.

9. Higher Learning (1995)

Juicy Jennifer Connelly and kutie Kristy Swanson

8. Frida (2002)

Hot tamale Salma Hayek and crap actress Ashley Judd.

7. Holy Smoke (1999)

Booby Brit Kate Winslet and another chick.

6. Bitter Moon (1992)

French stunner Emmanuelle Seigner and Brit babe Kristin Scott Thomas.

5. Cruel Intentions (1999)

Goth babe Selma Blair and vampire killer Sarah Michelle Gellar.

4. Mulholland Drive (2001)

Oz hotty Naomi Watts and the stunning Laura Harring (who we unfortunately never heard of again!)

3. Gia (1998)

Mother of hundreds and hyper-lipped Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell.

2. Bound (1996)

Curvy cutie – and part time psychotic chucky doll – Jennifer Tilly and gorgeous Gina Gershon.

1. Wild Things (1998)

Delicious Denise Richards and nubile Neve Campbell!

Wild things, I think I love youuuuuuu!!!


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February 8, 2009 - Posted by | _BABE, _CINEMA, _VIDEO


  1. This is downright curatorial!

    Selma Blair stole the show in Cruel Intentions. I thought she’d make it bigger as a comedienne than she has. I guess she doesn’t have leading lady looks. On the other, she’ll probably have a longer career than most ingenues and wind up playing the older, more experienced girl friend on into MILF-hood.

    Comment by K. | February 8, 2009

  2. Yap, Sellie is definitely one of the better young(ish)actresses out there!

    Comment by stupid and contagious | February 9, 2009

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