STUPID and Contagious

Our holiday home from !

Stamford Bridge Blues!

The self-destruction and stupidity at Chelsea for the past while has been really upsetting to us!!
Well by “upsetting”, of course we mean “hilarious”!

A team of over-rated, useless, arrogant, aging mercenaries like Herr Bollock and Diddy Drogba, believing they’re the greatest in the world, now waking up to reality!

And another oligarch, knee-jerk, shooting in the foot, with the sack of bumbling Scolari!

There’s going to be lot of cobwebs accumulating in that trophy cabinet at the Bridge!

Chelsea will win nothing behaving like this

Tue Feb 10

by Jim White

At least there is one area where Chelsea Football Club are ahead of the game.

Currently the average tenure for a manager in English professional football is 15 months. At Stamford Bridge right now, they are running at twice that speed: their latest sacked boss was in charge for less than seven months. It suggests whoever takes over from Luis Felipe Scolari would be wise not to make any plans for a Christmas in London.

There can be no other business that takes such a reckless attitude to its most important executive position than football. How can 15 months be enough time fully to understand a place, to reach accommodation with employees, to set in motion a dynamic and attainable corporate strategy? Yet time and again, managers are sacked, suddenly, gracelessly and without any real cause (Chelsea, at the last time of sacking were involved in the sharp end of three competitions). Scolari had barely enough time to learn the route from his home to the training ground.

Mind you, compared to some he was lucky: Tony Adams was gifted all of 13 league matches by Portsmouth. Just about sufficient to fully introduce himself to his staff.

True, there are those who suggest that, had he been given from now until doomsday, Scolari would never have succeeded as Chelsea manager. Used to working as an international coach, when players arrived fully toned and fit, the suggestion is he was not up to speed with the physical needs of a club side. The talk is of poor training, of a lack of intensity in the work-outs at Cobham, of a disorganised approach to tactics (why oh why did he stubbornly refuse to station anyone on the posts when defending corners?).

Others point to his lack of scouting, of his foolishness in letting Steve Clarke join West Ham, of his sketchy grasp of English. Yet, all of these things are minor foibles when balanced against this inarguable truth: he has won the World Cup. The man may not yet have worked his magic at Chelsea but he did not become a bad manager overnight.

Perhaps what he needed was a bit of time to adjust. He was never going to get that at Chelsea, and the reason for that is Roman Abramovich. This was the owner’s decision all right.

Peter Kenyon may be a comedy villain in most discerning eyes, but he knows enough about English football to appreciate that nobody has won anything chopping and changing their manager twice a season. He wanted Scolari to stay.

Abramovich, however, acts like the fan ringing a phone-in. A draw against Hull, his knee jerks, and off the manager goes. Sure, it’s his train set and sure, his investment has earned him the right to set the points precisely as he wishes. But his capricious impatience is currently routing it towards a giant pile up. The error he made in ridding the club of its greatest manager back in September 2007 will never be resolved by sacking his every successor. When you are in a hole, a point is soon reached when you have to stop digging.

What must frustrate all of those trying to work under the oligarch’s whims at the Bridge is the timing here. What can a new man coming in do? The transfer window shut last week. He will have the same players to work with as Scolari. He will still have Michael Essien in the treatment room. Joe Cole will still be sidelined. Flourent Malouda will still be a disappointment. Petr Cech will still be half the keeper he was a year ago. Carlo Cudicini will still have been let go to Spurs.

And yet, in his first two games in charge, the new man will be expected to manufacture victories against opponents as tricky as Aston Villa and Juventus. Presumably, should he fail, he will be fired.

Still, he knows he will be comforted by a pay-off. It is estimated that the impatience to remove Scolari will cost Abramovich at least £7.5million. This at a club supposed to be learning to live within its means. In other words, sufficient funds to finance the purchase of a decent full-back have been chucked down the drain.

And people say banking is the most feckless business in the world.

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