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Psycho Pastor – Bushfires Punish Abortion State

The madness of Religion never ceases!

This time some mad Aussie Pastor nut has escaped from some Lunatic Asylum and is espousing the theory that the horrific Bushfires are some sort of proper divine retribution for the State of Victoria for passing an abortion Bill!

Victoria is, in his view, “an open target for the devil to destroy”!

This whackjob should be encouraged to research the crazy theme more fully and be dropped somewhere in the middle of the raging fires to do so!

burning bush

Bad Taste Pastor: Bushfires Punish Abortion State


A crazy Pastor has come out of the woodwork to claim that Victoria is being ravaged by bushfire (181 dead, 80 missing, 7000 homeless) because god disapproves of the abortion bill which was recently passed.

Pastor Danny Nalliah told the Sydney Morning Herald that he had a dream that god would remove his protection from the state of Victoria as a punishment for decriminalising abortion.

“The Bible is very clear,” he said. “If you walk out of God’s protection and turn your back on Him, you are an open target for the devil to destroy.”

Mr Nalliah also referred to Victoria as “the baby killing state of Australia” and was unapologetic about speaking “the truth” about the real cause of the recent bushfire devastation.

Bushfire Hotline – 1800 240 667
Victorian Bushfire Fund – 1800 811 700
Concerned about family or friends? 1800 727 077
Urgent threats – latestest information
Latest updates from the CFA

The article was unclear as to whether Mr Nalliah had contacted the police about his allegation that god is the arsonist responsible for setting the fires. This information could be a valuable lead. God does have a history of spontaneously settings bushes alight to send messages.

However, it remains to be seen if god was the instigator of the crime with satan acting as an accomplice, coerced into executing orders, or if satan acted alone with only tacit approval from god. Satan also has a history of pyromania.

At this stage god may also be investigated for links to organised crime. Any attempts to bribe or intimidate the state of Victoria into joining his gang will be treated seriously. Mr Nalliah may be called as a witness to testify of god’s threats to “remove protection” if his orders are not obeyed.

Dreams are credible evidence right?

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