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Britney Spears gets waxed in London

Speaking of the UK trying to turn into one giant moronic chav trailer-park, Britney Spears has gone to the UK to unveil a new waxwork of America’s finest at Madame Tussaud’s in London.

An original waxwork from 7 years back is being replaced. Looking like a cross between a stoned pole-dancer and a sex-doll robot, the original waxwork captures Brit’s essence perfectly!

The crazy thing is that the waxwork model is more talented and more intelligent than the real Britney!!


In order to honor her popular comeback, Britney Spears revisits the Madame Tussaud’s in London. A new wax work of Britney Spears has been launched in the museum. The figure shows Spears clutching an award representing her successful comeback.

The new wax work is created after the old one that dates back 8 years. Her earlier figure was immensely popular as it captured her in a provocative pose from her ‘Dream within a Dream’ tour.

She’s undergone a huge transformation since then and we wanted to reflect her as she is now.

Spears has constantly remained in the headlines for various reasons good and bad. From sharing a kiss with Madonna, marrying twice, shaving her head, losing custody of her children and being hospitalised for psychiatric evaluation.

The new statue shows a 27-year old Britney holding one of the three awards she won in September, in a silver sparkling dress with plunging neckline, as reported by Sky News. Liz Edwards from the waxwork museum believes that they required to create her one more time.

“However, she’s undergone a huge transformation since then and we wanted to reflect her as she is now.” The pop princess lately released her new album ‘Circus’ after ‘Blackout’ that was well received inspite of the huge speculations due to her highlighted personal life.

Britney Spear remains on of the top selling artists in the world, with 62 million albums sold worldwide. AGENCIES

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