STUPID and Contagious

Our holiday home from !

Find out now exactly when you’ll be worm food !

No, not at all Morbid! Or insane!

There’s this wacky website where you can answer a few questions such as “when will I meet my maker … Dr Frankenstein”; or “when will I at last never again have to accidentally switch to some channel showing ‘Everybody Loves Raymond'”; or ” when will I be able to go ‘na na na na na, aetheism was of course correct’ to all Religious nuts when worms are dining on my insides”!!

Yap, this thing tells you the date of your death and even how many minutes you have left! That enables you to work out how many beers and chicks you can have before death!

This thing tells me I’ll live til 99 years old!! Fu*king Hell! How many ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ shows will I have to endure?!

If you wish to know when local worms can expect a feast, click HERE

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February 19, 2009 - Posted by | _OTHER

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