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Leonard Cohen – Morning Glory

Fear not comrades, nothing to do with that awful Oasis ditty of the same name!

Instead, a sublime moment from Leonard Cohen’s criminally neglected Dear Heather album – his eleventh studio album, released in 2004 and one of the great man’s greatest LPs.

Written and arranged by the maestro, this glorious song was produced by Leanne Ungar with beautiful background vocals arranged and sung by Anjani Thomas.

The lyrics are, as always, magnificent – a sort of amalgam of zen poetry, mysticism, philosophy and post-modernism with a carnal undercurrent. Not exactly adjectives often associated with Noel Gallagher lyrics!

Morning Glory

No words this time? No words. No, there are times when nothing can be done.

Not this time. Is it censorship? Is it censorship? No, it’s evaporation.

No, it’s evaporation. Is this leading somewhere? Yes. We’re going down the lane.

Is this going somewhere? Into the garden. Into the backyard.

We’re walking down the driveway. Are we moving towards…. We’re in the backyard.

…some transcendental moment? It’s almost light. That’s right. That’s it.

Are we moving towards some transcendental moment? That’s right. That’s it.

Do you think you’ll be able to pull it off? Yes. Do you think you can pull it off?

Yes, it might happen. I’m all ears. I’m all ears. Oh the morning glory!

And at the evening’s end

I wanted to be my voice.

A nightingale.

turn orange-colored.

turn the color of love.

– L Cohen

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