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The Sexual Scandals of Some of Our Greatest Animations

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While searching the net for random film facts I came across a site explaining all the controversial things that have gone into some of Disney’s and the world’s biggest animations of all time. I could not believe it – the Little Mermaid has a dedication to penises in it – LOL. Anyway, some of them have been argued as not true and some of them have been authenticated as actual.


Basically this is a film about a guy who wants to get it on with a fish, great stuff to show the kids already. The Little Mermaid also has a picture of a penis in it. You know how Ariel’s dad is this big muscled guy with a huge trident who spends most of the time talking to a crab and firing supercharged liquid at an enormous witch/octopus hybrid out of aforesaid trident? He also lives in an underwater palace which is held up by penis-pillars.


I absolutely LOVE the Lion King – my numero duo animation behind Happy Feet. About halfway through the film, Simba lies down and a cloud of dust rises from him and floats over the edge of a cliff. It then blows around a bit and very briefly forms the possible word “SEX”.

Disney allege that the letters spell out SFX as a tribute to the sound company that worked on Lion King, but that seems a little tenuous. How many films reference their backroom staff.


This one is allegedly spoken and not viewed. At one point, Aladdin invites Jasmine for a magic carpet ride after some sort of song and dance. He shouts for Jasmine to come with him, then is heard muttering under his breath. What he’s saying is pretty vague, and Disney claim that he’s whispering “good kitty…take off and go”, which is kind of strange in its own right, but it does sound suspiciously like “teenagers take off your clothes”.


Disney again, and this is the only one they haven’t even tried to refute. In fact, it was Disney who brought this one into the limelight. Generally, the image of topless woman in the background of this shot of the Rescuers flight scene would never have been noticed, only featuring on one frame of the 1977 theatrical release and any home releases up until 1992. However, the company decided to recall 3.4 million copies of the Rescuers because of the “questionable background image”.

Disney don’t accept responsibility for the picture, saying that it was inserted in post-production.


Whilst not strictly a family movie, this one definitely deserves a mention for its unabashed sexual references (it has even been hypothesised that when Jessica Rabbit comes out in that slit dress that she is going commando) and also because two of the cartoon world’s most venerable, respected characters are involved in one of the more offensive cartoon moments. At one point Disney’s Donald Duck seems to call Warner’s Daffy Duck a “goddamn stupid n*gger”.

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