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Obama and the Crazy Chimpanzee Cartoon Controversy

OK, this tale is a tad weird! From a few perspectives!

An awful chimpanzee mauling followed by an awful cartoon!

First to the controversial Sean Delonas New York Post cartoon.

Al Sharpton, a frequent Delonas target, asks “What does shooting a chimpanzee have to do with a stimulus bill?” and goes on to link the image – in his view meant to represent Obama – with “racist attacks throughout history that have made African-Americans synonymous with monkeys.”

Post editor-in-chief Col Allen’s response was a defense of Delonas:

“The cartoon is a clear parody of a current news event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut. It broadly mocks Washington’s efforts to revive the economy. Again, Al Sharpton reveals himself as nothing more than a publicity opportunist.”

Now, this is kind of a tricky one.

Our main view is that, however you look at it, the cartoon itself is dumb and not at all funny. Oh, and tasteless!

If the cartoon was meant to relate to the chimp mauling, it’s extremely offensive to the middle aged lady in agony lying in Hospital who’s face has been almost ripped off, and to her traumatised family!

Furthermore, the cartoon leaves itself open to a potential interpretation of racism. Especially by folk like Sharpton who are never slow to jump onto a molehill and scream that it’s a mountain!

The cartoon seemingly tries to lampoon the Stimulus Bill.

The Bill’s author, by virtue of his signing it into power, is Barack Obama. Thus the cartoon monkey is seemingly meant to represent Obama.

So let’s look at the ‘best case’ view on the cartoon. This means we need to assume that the Delonas depiction of Obama as a monkey is not intended to drag up any racist imagery whatsoever.

In this racism-free scenario, Delonas could say that his aim was to show that numerous folk consider the Stimulus Bill as being stupid. Thus the monkey character.

Delonas could refer of course to the fact that, with zero controversy, George W Bush became synonymous with simian representation in literally millions of cartoons and images, and in millions of jokes on TV shows.

However, even in this context, why does the monkey character in this cartoon need to be shot? It just makes no sense!

The only way this random mangling of the horrific chimp event and US politics might make a tad of sense would be to somehow have the monkey represent the GOP who are currently dead in the water and who acted simian-like over two terms to drag the World Economy into the depths of depression and recession! Even then, it would be somewhat tasteless but with more sense and potentially some more humour.

If we look at the ‘worst case’ view on the cartoon, it is open to accusations – albeit knee jerk ones – of the type levelled by Sharpton.

While looking at this storm in a tea cup, we also need to bear in mind the right to Freedom of Speech in what is claimed to be the greatest Democracy in the world. The media and public alike have a right to criticise figures of power – granted such power by the public – for certain actions, no matter what colour their skin may be.

As we said, it’s a tricky one!

The worst thing for this cartoon is the fact that it doesn’t have the defence of being funny!

However, we give Delonas the benefit of the doubt on the racist aspect (actually only he himself knows for certain what any intent might have or have not been!) but not on the humour aspect!

Quell the brouhaha. He’s just a crap cartoonist! This controversy will only line his pockets!


Let’s look at some of the craziness of the real chimp story (see a report thereon at the end of this post) apparently lampooned by Delonas.

Man, to say that this was a dumb accident waiting to happen is the understatement of the year!

We note that in a report on the chimp mauling, police said the owners told them the chimpanzee was toilet trained, could dress and bathe himself, eat at the table and drink wine from a stemmed glass.

WTF? A few questions on this madness!

  1. Why does a chimp need to dress?
  2. Why is a chimp eating at the family table?
  3. And, of course, best of all, why the f*ck is a chimp drinking wine?
  4. More specifically, why the f*ck is a chimp drinking wine from a stemmed glass?

That chimp must’ve been drunk as … erm, as a monkey … on cheap bargain basement wine when it mauled the face of that middle aged woman last Monday!!

Our advice to the simian owners of this thing would be along the lines of …..

Hey asshole monkey owner, don’t go treating a 175-pound wild chimpanzee like a child!! It’s not a child! It’s not human! It’s a f*cking wild animal from the wilds of Africa! Don’t make a wild African animal wear clothes!

And there’s one more. What is it? Oh yeah! Don’t go liquoring up a dangerous f*cking 175-pound wild animal from the wilds of Africa!!


A newspaper that published a cartoon appearing to portray Barack Obama as a crazy chimpanzee has been accused of racism.

The cartoon appeared in the New York Post on Wednesday

The New York Post cartoon shows two police officers, one with a smoking gun, standing over the body of a bullet-riddled chimp.

The caption reads: “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.”

The image has outraged civil rights leaders and officials who say it echoes racist stereotypes.

Black civil rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton described it as “troubling at best given the historic racist attacks of African-Americans as being synonymous with monkeys”.

But the Post’s editor-in-chief, Col Allan, defended the cartoon as “a clear parody of a current news event”.

He said the drawing refers to a chimpanzee named Travis who was killed by police in Connecticut after it mauled a friend of its owner.

In a statement, he hit back at the accusation made by Mr Sharpton, saying: “Again, Al Sharpton reveals himself as nothing more than a publicity opportunist”.


Pet Chimpanzee Shot After Mauling US Woman

Tuesday February 17, 2009

A 175-pound pet chimpanzee has been shot dead by police after it mauled a woman in the US.

The victim, said to be in her 50s, suffered serious facial injuries and was taken to hospital in Stamford, Connecticut.

Stamford police Lieutenant Richard Conklin told reporters the woman, who was visiting a friend, was attacked for no apparent reason when she got out of her car.

Sandra Herold, the owner of the 15-year-old chimp called Travis, wrestled with the animal as he mauled her friend, then ran inside her house to raise the alarm.

“She retrieved a large butcher knife and stabbed her long-time pet numerous times in an effort to save her friend, who was really being brutally attacked,” Lt Conklin said.

The victim suffered “a tremendous loss of blood”, he added.

The ape had started roaming around the vicinity when emergency crews arrived.

But he suddenly returned to the scene of the attack, forcing police to retreat into their cars, newspaper websites in the area said.

The primate then reportedly opened the door of a police car, forcing the officer inside to fire several shots. The chimp eventually died from its wounds.

Travis was well known around Stamford because he rode around in trucks belonging to the towing company operated by his owner.

In 2003, he escaped from his owner’s vehicle in downtown Stamford for two hours.

Police then used cookies, macadamia treats and ice cream in an attempt to lure him back into the vehicle.

At the time of the 2003 escape, police said the owners told them the chimpanzee was toilet trained, could dress and bathe himself, eat at the table and drink wine from a stemmed glass.

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