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Sonic Youth – Debut TV appearance – 100 %

This is Sonic Youth’s first network TV appearance, on where else but the Letterman show, promoting their great 1992 LP Dirty!

Wonderful music. Wonderfully cool performance! Man, was Kim hot back in the day, or what?!

The performance ends up typically enough in total chaos! One of the many things that Kurt Cobain ripped off from Sonic Youth!

This classic moment from one of our favourite groups goes out to the guy who left a priceless comment on an earlier Sonics post!

In response to a joke to the effect that these young kids from a new band have a future, GW Bush Junior Junior replies “Dude, sonic youth has been around since 1983 … not a new band at all “

What? Next this guy’ll be telling us that the Beatles have broken up! Please don’t f*cking tell us that!!

And no, actually, dude, they were formed in 1981!

We’ve been huge fans of these peerless rock innovators for way too many years than we care to remember now! In fact, the first Sonics LP we bought was the amazing EVOL which blew our little minds away back in 86! We’ve got em all since then with favourites probably being Daydream Nation, Murray Street and Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star.

It’s amazing how creative this seminal group has been for so long. And still remains!

“100%” was the first single from Dirty, released in 1992 on DGC. The song was dedicated to Joe Cole, who was killed by a gunman in 1991.

Here’s the vid. Quality not exactly pristine. But so f*cking what!

Can never forget you – the way you rock the girls
they move a world and love you – a blast in the underworld
I stick a knife in my head – thinking ’bout your eyes
but now that you been shot dead – I’ve got a new surprise

I been waitin’ for you just to say
he’s off to check his mind
but all I know is you got no money
but that’s got nothing to do with a good time

can you forgive the boy who – shot you in the head
or should you get a gun and – go and get revenge?
a 100% of my love – up to you true star
it’s hard to believe you took off – I always thought you’d go far

but I’ve been around the world a million times
and all you men are slime
it’s goin’ to my head, goodbye I am dead
wastewood rockers is time for cryin’, hey!


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