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BBC love U2 Muzak (and Moolah!)

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Bosses at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) have denied giving U2 free publicity by airing a series of programmes about the band.

Heads of the publicly-funded network have come under fire for broadcasting a string of shows about the Irish rockers across its radio and TV stations just days before the release of the group’s new album No Line On The Horizon on 2 March (09).

They even have a section of the BBC’s website dedicated to the sale of tickets for an upcoming U2 tour.

British politician Nigel Evans has called the coverage “the sort of publicity money can’t buy”, adding: “Why should licence fee-payers (public audiences) shoulder the cost of U2’s publicity?”

But the BBC maintains the shows fall within broadcasting regulations about promotional appearances.

A spokesperson says, “We take extreme care in making fair decision about how we make popular artists accessible to our audiences, especially when the timing is around the release of a new album, book, film.

“U2 are one of the world’s most popular bands who have a diverse fanbase and we are reflecting this in our content.”

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