STUPID and Contagious

Our holiday home from !

Mathematics for Nurses??

This is a real book! Yap, we checked!

This makes about as much sense as a book titled “Architecture for Cheetahs“!

What Mathematics do Nurses really need?

Well aside from counting how many Tequila slammers they’ve downed and how many guys they’ve brought back home for some Rumpy Pumpy, after downing all those slammers!

Or maybe the book is for guys like us! Perhaps “Mathematics for Nurses” helps you work out how many naughty nurses you’ve stumbled home with in the wee hours, muttering inanities about your favourite book “Architecture for Cheetahs” and asking repeatedly whether she has a kinky nurse’s uniform back at her place!

Maybe we’ve been hanging out with the wrong – or perhaps right!- type of nurse all these years! Yap, the type that’s a cross between Florence Nightingale and a substance-addicted nymphomaniac gonzo pornstar!

Yap, God bless Nurses!

Don’t let em hold a scalpel anywhere near you though! Especially on a Saturday or Sunday morning!

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February 25, 2009 - Posted by | _BABE, _CARTOON, _COMEDY

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