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Mickey Rourke Auditioning New Chihuahuas

Who the f*ck knew Mickey Rourke and Paris Hilton had something in common!

Yap, if you’ve got a cute lil Chihuahua, Mickey wants to hear from you.

Give that Chihuahua the pampered Hollywood life!

He will have a lifetime of luxury in front of him.

Well, unless Mickey bites his head off some night in a rampage after a few too many … erm … “orange juices” and too much … erm … “smoking”!
Mickey Rourke is planning to get a new dog following the death of his beloved Chihuahua Loki – and he plans to name it in honour of his Oscar nomination.

The Wrestler star was left heartbroken when his 18 year old pet passed away last week (17Feb09).

Rourke frequently credited his precious dogs with saving his life during his years in the Hollywood wilderness, following a series of bust-ups with film makers and run-ins with the law.

And now he is so lonely without little Loki, he is planning to get a new pooch, reports RadarOnline.

A friend of Rourke’s tells the website, “Mickey has other dogs but he misses Loki terribly. He doesn’t want to wait long either – he wants to get his new pooch this week.

“The new dog won’t replace Loki but by naming it Oscar Mickey says he’ll make his comeback year even more special.”

Rourke missed out on the Best Actor Academy Award to Sean Penn.

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