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Aimee Morakot Kittisara was the winner of the Miss Thailand Universe pageant 2004.As Miss Thailand Universe she was of course required to be proper and polite in all her public appearances. She went on to do some movies and appeared a few times on Thai television.

She was voted number 29 sexiest woman in the world 2006 by FHM Thai edition readers in their 100 Sexiest Women contest.

She’s been appearing on Thai TV quite a lot lately including, bizarrely, one role where she played the part of a malevolent spirit that lives at the bottom of the river!

That’s the type of ghost we want to be haunted by!

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February 26, 2009 - Posted by | Aimee Morakot, Thailand, _BABE


  1. Can you please write your own material instead of copying mine? This is the text from my page about Aimee Morakot here

    Or at least you could give credit and a link.

    Comment by Asian Sweetheart | January 30, 2012

  2. Thanks for that …. Iink mut’ve been forgotten.

    Comment by stupidand | January 30, 2012

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