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Thai Totty – FHM Girl Next Door 2009 finalists

From the FHM Thai edition Girl Next Door 2009 contest, here are three of the hottest hotties.

Since Thai names are generally a random jumble of at least 30 syllables and a few vowels, Thai chicks are usually known by their much shorter nicknames.

FHM Thai girl next door

The first babe’s nickname is Rotmay – which apparently means “bus”!

She doesn’t look to have an ass the size of a bus!

Maybe, she’s like a bus in the sense that for a small fare you can jump aboard!

FHM Thai girl next door Kring

This hotty’s named Kring, which apparently is the word for the jingle sound a bell makes!

Maybe she’s got a funny voice!

FHM Thai girl next door Jeans

Third and best, this babe’s nickname is Jeans!

Apparently that’s the Thai word for Jeans!

Strange cos she never seems to wear any jeans. Only bikinis!

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