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Kim Kardashian at nail salon in LA

Kim Kardashian at an LA nail salon
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We’d recognise that bountiful booty anywhere!

The one great talent of the greatly untalented Kim KardASSian!

We even saw that thing lampooned in a legitimate ‘high brow’ Political Cartoon last week! Check here:“Kim Kardashian’s Ass in Political Cartoon” shocker!

Yes, my ID card does read “Kim ‘the Ass’ Kardashian”!

In this exciting photo-set, KardASSian visits a Nail Salon!

With that ample posterior, should she not be visiting a Tail Salon??!

“I’m so f*cking stoned right now! Where’d those midgets go?”

Man, she sure could’ve dressed up a lot better!

She looks like she’s just ‘coming down’ after three days and nights in a trailer park binging on vodka and pills and making gonzo porn movies with a team of randy midgets!

Has she no respect for the army of paparazzi scum that follows her around everywhere!

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March 6, 2009 - Posted by | Kim Kardashian, _BABE, _COMEDY

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