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Robert Forster and Grant McLennan – Studio 22, 27 May 1999

Robert Forster and Grant McLennan
Studio 22
27 May 1999
mp3 / (37.33 MB)/ RS

An intimate encounter with the timeless songs of Robert Forster and Grant McLennan

A wonderful, high-quality, bootleg of Robert Forster and Grant Mc Lennan from their 1999 tour.

The boys reunited to promote the release of Bellavista Terrace; The Best of the the Go-Betweens .

The recording was made by ABC’s Studio 22 show.

Seven stone cold the Go-Betweens classics in here!

The set seems very McLennan weighted, including arguably Grant’s two finest musical moments, the timeless and beautiful Cattle & Cane and Bachelor Kisses. Not far behind, his wonderful Love Goes On.

A few Robert classics too however, including the excellent Head Full Of Steam, and the song which started it all, the Jonathan Richman inspired post-punk pop classic Lee Remick !

Big thanks to stripedsunlight who says;

A beautiful recording of some of their finest in the acoustic tradition.

Many thanks to the most brilliant Chuck who has dragged this gem from his archives.

I saw them play on this tour, it was a come back I didn’t think I would see at the time and of course it was only the start of a new beginning.


01 – Intro
02 – Magic In Here
03 – Head Full Of Steam
04 – Cattle & Cane
05 – Bachelor Kisses
06 – Baby Stones
07 – Love Goes On
08 – Lee Remick
09 – Outro

Here she be:


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