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Pixies – Acoustic (Live in Newport) [2006]


Pixies – Acoustic (Live in Newport) [2006]
mp3 | 192kpbs | 73:43 min.

“No! That’s just not right! The Pixies opening for us is like the Beatles opening for us. I won’t allow it. There’s no way we can follow the Pixies!”

– Thom Yorke

(on being informed of plans to have Pixies play before them at Coachella)

Pixies are one of the most influential music acts of modern times. And one of the greatest! No fucking doubt!!

An amazing group we’ve loved from the earliest days of the incendiary “Come on Pilgrim” EP through to the seminal,revolutionary, timeless wonder of Surfer Rosa – which shone like a raw, rupturing beacon of raging, cleansing fire amongst the music morass of the times! – on to the three fine LPs beyond.

Initially spanning the late eighties and early nineties, Black Francis and cohorts created the brand new blueprint for alternative rock that would be followed by everyone from the over-rated Nirvana to other grunge tat to Britpop …. and far beyond.

After a decade apart, the Pixies reformed, to fan euphoria, in 2004.

We here step into this tale at around 6pm on a warm Saturday in August, 2006 when Pixies took the stage – very surreally in the one time bastion of the most trenchant folkies wearing woolly jumpers – of the renowned Newport Folk Festival to perform one of their most unique sets ever!

Yap, Pixies playing Newport Folk Festival! Who’d have thunk it! If Surfer Rosa is not a world, nay a universe, away from the folk stylings of Pete Seeger et al, we don’t know what the hell is!

Recalling the huge brouhaha the Newport folkies made over Dylan’s electric performance in 1965, one can imagine the outbursts and riots that a fully-blown electric Pixies set would arouse!

So, therefore, playing a completely acoustic set, the reunited original lineup of Frank Black, Kim Deal, Joey Santiago and David Lovering give a wonderfully unique spin to 21 fan favourites!

No, not a typo. Twenty one stone cold Pixies classics mofos!!

This comes from a DVD that, as well as this wonderful show, had Bonus Features including a 21 Minute “fly on the wall” feature of the Pixies in rehearsals for their debut acoustic show as they deconstruct well-known Pixies songs from electric to acoustic versions, including “Debaser” (which didn’t make the final set list.)

You can buy this DVD here. And, of course, if any kind soul from Eagle Rock or elsewhere, wants to send this DVD to us – a collection of paupers living in a tin shack – please don’t be reluctant to knock on the e-mail door!!

No links here, thanks to internet nazis, but we saw some stuff on this on some other blog. And for the dumber of those dumb dumb nazi dum-dums, the phrase “on another blog” basically means “on another fucking blog!!

These wonderful photos are by Jonathan Furmanski


1. Bone Machine
2. Cactus
3. Ed is Dead
4. All Around the World
5. Subbacultcha
6. Monkey Gone to Heaven
7. Is She Weird
8. Here Comes Your Man
9. River Euphrates
10. Velouria
11. Wave of Mutilation
12. I Bleed
13. Crackity Jones
14. Gouge Away
15. Hey
16. The Holiday Song
17. Nimrod’s Song
18. Mr. Grieves
19. Caribou
20. Where is My Mind?
21. Gigantic

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