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The Go-Betweens – John Peel Session – July 1982

The Go-Betweens – John Peel Session; 14th July 1982
We think this was the Go-Betweens first session recorded for the late great John Peel at BBC Radio 1.

Along with “Ask” from the Before Hollywood LP, there are three rare tracks.

All thanks to fruitierthanthou who says;

I have always been a big GO-BETWEENS fan ever since I heard “People Say” which is just one of those things I would have given anything to have written.

Grant McLennan’s passing away a few years ago was just one the saddest things, more so, as it meant no more GO-BETWEENS records.

I remember when I heard the news I welled up with sadness searching youtube & finding Grant camping up “Cattle & Cane” here… A song I am sure would have made me a bona fide GO-BETWEENS if I hadn’t heard “People Say” first.

I suppose this is as good as any point, recounting my GO-BETWEENS anecdote.

In fact it doesn’t involve Grant or Mr Forster. It was at a GO-BETWEENS gig, upstairs at the Hammersmith Clarendon Hotel. I was trying to persuade Mr Fish, THE JAZZ BUTCHER into giving a song for a cassette compilation I was involved in. THE JAZZ BUTCHER were supporting that night. From a distance, Lindy Morrison comes hurtling towards us like the Hanna Barbera Tasmanian devil.. “I know you!!!” (She didn’t), “I know you!!!!” (She really didn’t!) & before I could consume a decent lungful of oxygen she grabbed me & gave me a great big tonguey snog. I mentioned, before I could consume a decent lungful for oxygen because she nearly suffocated me. She finally let me go, oxygen slowly returning to my arteries, part startled, part aroused, I managed to say “Thank you” in the voice of a schoolboy still not expecting his testicles to drop for good few years… When I have recounted this to other indie “kids” I have found this is not just MY anecdote .. Ho hum!!

I was thinking about that gig (which was pretty good as I remember) & found I had already loaded this John Peel session on to my PC. I think it was their first … Enjoy.

THE GO-BETWEENS – John Peel Session 14th July 1982

“Near The Chimney”
“Metal & Shells”
“A Peaceful Wreck”


thanks fruitierthanthou


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