STUPID and Contagious

Our holiday home from !

Welcome to STUPID & contagious !

We advocate free speech and freedom of expression.

We are lovers of music, fun, cartoons, art, photography, cinema, Jack Daniels, literature, manga and Asian babes!

We post this and other sorts of other stuff here, things we ourselves would like to see on a site, things that interest us. The aim is to have FUN! Oh and express our views and tastes (the latter term is used very loosely!) where we see fit! Now, certain views and tastes and opinions may differ with those of viewers. So what? That’s fine! If you don’t like it … just leave!

We’ve had problems before, on a previous blog, with people of a certain right-wing / censorial ilk who object to freedom of expression and views that are different from their own. One of these mofos got the blog shut down because certain views or content differed to their own narrow world view!

Now, we really don’t want the same BS again!!

Therefore, if you are some right-wing, censorial, prude with no sense of humour, this ain’t the place for you. So f**k off back to Afghanistan or, at least, get out of this site and leave us alone!

PLEASE NOTE: Contributors here are adult and mature (after a fashion!). Therefore, by definition, the same adjectives apply to our content. More plainly, we are not writing posts for children! Therefore, if you are not of legal adult age, f**k off now!

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot download software, movies, films at our site, nor do we host any files here. We simply provide links to pre-existent content freely available on the World Wide Freedom Web and thus content which is available to all internet users under Freedom of Information Act and other legislation.

We are huge fans of music. One of our aims is to promote bands and music we like. Any music content linked to here is only meant as a taster for the original work itself and is posted on the strict understanding that anyone who downloads the taster, deletes said content within 24 hours. We would assume that these fans will then buy the original work and we greatly encourage them to do so.

However, if there is some content here that somebody has a valid objection to, please send an email to and the content shall be immediately removed.

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