STUPID and Contagious

Our holiday home from !

Akane Suzuki sure revs up my bike!

Mushi Mushi Akane-san!

Akane’s profile says that her abilities include “Talking”!

Wow! What a coincidence! My abilities also include “Talking”. Let’s hook up baby and Talk!

Furthermore, I think I’m your “Favorite Type”. Yes, I’m also very “kind and reliable”! (well, at least until you know me better!)

Are you sure you’re only 166cm? In this shot, you look at least 266cm!


* Name: Suzuki Akane (鈴木茜)

* Birthdate: April 2nd, 1984

* Birthplace: Akita

* Blood Type: B

* Height: 166cm

* Bust: 88cm

* Waist: 58cm

* Hips: 82cm

* Shoe size: 23.5cm

* Hobbies: Cooking, manga

* Abilities: Talking, imitating anime characters

* Dream: A multi-talented idol

* Favorite talent: Hamasaki Ayumi

* Favorite type: Someone who is kind and reliable

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