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Mushi Mushi Leah Dizon, Aki Hoshino & Risa Kudo

Holy mother of Buddha!

Two of our favourite Japanese bikini idols, delectable Aki and Risa!

Plus our second favourite Eurasian hotty (yap, Maria Ozawa’s obviously numero uno!), luscious Leah!

Why do we feel the insane need for a sandwich right now?!

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Mushi Mushi Aki Hoshino

Mushi Mushi hotty-san angel-san!

Aki Hoshino, for rather obvious reasons, is one of Japan’s most famous bikini idols.

She ‘s been on the scene for a while now and has appeared in a slew of men’s magazines such as Sabra, as well as in numerous DVDs.

She’s crossed over to mainstream and now often appears on Japanese television shows as a guest.

Her nickname is the “Angel of Japan”!

Man, if angels looked like this (and were real!), we’d renounce aetheism in a heartbeat!

After gazing upon her angelic curves, here’s Aki’s angelic profile!

Name : Hoshino Aki (ほしの あき)
Birthdate: March 14, 1977
Birth location: Japan
Birth name: Hoshino Aki (星野 亜希)
Measurements: B:88F W:56 H:87
Height: 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
Weight: 47 kg (103 lb)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Natural bust: Yes
Orientation: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: Japanese

In her free time, angelic Aki’s apparently the head of a local witches coven!!

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Mushi Mushi Aki Hoshino


Mushi Mushi Japland hotty Aki Hoshino!


Aki Hoshino, born March 14, 1977, is a Japanese gravure / bikini idol, sometimes fondly nicknamed “The Angel of Japan.”

We sure like this hotty-san!










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Japanese Idol Calendar 2008

2008 may be well into it’s third quarter, but so what! It’s never too late to gaze upon stunning hotty-sans!

Yukie Kawamura - Japanese Idol Calendar Model January 2008 Yuika Hotta - Japanese Idol Calendar Model February 2008 Maomi Yuuki - Japanese Idol Calendar Model March 2008

Azusa Yamamoto - Japanese Idol Calendar Model April 2008 Yoko Kumada - Japanese Idol Calendar Model May 2008 Mami Yamasaki - Japanese Idol Calendar Model June 2008

Mikie Hara - Japanese Idol Calendar Model July 2008 Ai - Japanese Idol Calendar Model August 2008 Rina Akiyama - Japanese Idol Calendar Model September 2008

Aya Kiguchi - Japanese Idol Calendar Model October 2008 Yuko Ogura - Japanese Idol Calendar Model November 2008 Aki Hoshino - Japanese Idol Calendar Model December 2008


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Sweet Dreams by Kittie-chan

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I’ve travelled the world and the seven seas
Everybody’s looking for something.

Nice collage work by Kittie–chan

This features one of our favourite Japland Idols, curvy cutie Aki Hoshino – the “Angel of Japan! [link]

Man, if those absurd creatures called angels from Christian fiction – sorry Theology – looked like this, I’d renounce my Aetheism immediately!

I’d even set up a fan club for the Nazi Pope!

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