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Alona Bondarenko Defies You to Keep It Pure in K-Swiss Ad


This is fucking hilarious!

With sexy Alona Bondarenko seductively sprawled out across a tennis court, the athletic-wear company tells you to “Keep It Pure” in their latest ad campaign.

Sure! The first thought that raced to my little brain was “purity”!

Man, I fucking hate tennis! What a waste of time! How gay!

Therefore, of course, I have no idea who this Alona Bondarenko is!

I checked it though and, apparently, the 23-year-old Bonarenko made her grand slam debut in 2005 at the Australian Open, where she lost to sixth-seeded Elena Dementieva. She is currently ranked the no. 21 tennis player in the world!

Some more photos of the PURE Alona Bondarenko below!

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