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Chelsea Girls – directed by Paul Morrissey and Andy Warhol

Chelsea Girls
Directed by Andy Warhol / Paul Morrissey
Produced by Andy Warhol
Written by Ronald Tavel / Andy Warhol
Starring Nico, Brigid Berlin, Ondine, Gerard Malanga, Eric Emerson, Mary Woronov, Ingrid Superstar, International Velvet
Music by The Velvet Underground
Cinematography Andy Warhol / Paul Morrissey (uncredited)
Release date(s) September 15, 1966
Running time 210 min. (approx.)
Country United States
Budget $3,000 (approx.)

“I want to make a movie that is a long movie, that is all black on one side and all white on the other.”

– A Warhol

The seminal film directed by Paul Morrissey and Andy Warhol. A bold experimental work. A brand new genre of movie! A new genre of art!

A film starring the great Nico and featuring music from the greatest music group of all, The Velvet Underground!

The film was Warhol’s first major commercial success, and was shot at the famous Hotel Chelsea and various other locations in New York City. The film, starring many of Warhol’s Factory lackees, takes place at the hotel, and follows the lives of several of the young women who live there.

According to script-writer Ronald Tavel, Warhol first brought up the idea for the film in the back room of Max’s Kansas City, Warhol’s favorite nightspot, one night in the summer of 1966. In Ric Burns’ documentary film Andy Warhol, Tavel recollected that Warhol took a napkin and drew a line down the middle and wrote ‘B’ and ‘W’ on opposite sides of the line; he then showed it to Tavel, explaining, “I want to make a movie that is a long movie, that is all black on one side and all white on the other.” Warhol was referring to both the visual concept of the film, as well as the content of the scenes presented.

The film was shot in summer and early autumn 1966 in various rooms and locations inside the Hotel Chelsea, although it is worth noting that of all those who starred in the film, only poet René Ricard actually lived there at the time.

Filming also took place at The Factory, Warhol’s studio. Appearing in the film were many of Warhol’s regulars, including Nico, Brigid Berlin, Gerard Malanga, Ingrid Superstar, International Velvet and Eric Emerson. According to Burns’ documentary, Warhol and his companions completed an average of one 33-minute segment per week.

Once principal photography wrapped, Warhol and co-director Paul Morrissey selected the twelve most striking vignettes they had filmed and then projected them side-by-side to create a visual juxtaposition of both contrasting images and divergent content (the so-called “white” or light and innocent aspects of life against the “black” or darker, more disturbing aspects.)

As a result, the 6 1/2 hour running time was essentially cut in half, to 3 hours and 15 minutes. However, part of Warhol’s concept for the film was that it would be unlike watching a regular movie, as the two projectors could never achieve exact synchronization from viewing to viewing; therefore, despite specific instructions of where individual sequences would be played during the running time, each viewing of the film would, in essence, be an entirely different experience.

Several of the sequences have gone on to attain a cult-status, most notably the “Pope” sequence, featuring avant-garde actor and poet Robert Olivo, or Ondine as he called himself, as well as a segment featuring Mary Woronov entitled “Hanoi Hannah,” one of two portions of the film scripted specifically by Tavel.

Notably missing is a sequence Warhol shot with his most popular superstar Edie Sedgwick which, according to Paul Morrissey, Warhol excised from the final film at the insistence of Sedgwick herself, who claimed she was under contract to Bob Dylan’s manager, Albert Grossman, at the time the film was made.


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Velvet Underground Classics and Rarities- Happy 80th birthday Andy Warhol

We’ve just passed what would’ve been the 80th birthday of genius/oddball Andy Warhol. Happy Birthday Andy!

In memory of Warhol’s contribution to music, via the greatest rock group of all, the Velvet Underground, here are a bunch of VU classics and some rarities!

We’ve posted these before but so fucking what!

The Velvet Underground and Nico (1967)

White Light White Heat (1968)

Velvet Underground (1969)

Loaded (1970)

Live at Max’s Kansas City from 1972

Squeeze (1973)

Live Vol 1 (1974)

Live Vol 2 (1974)

[Rare] The Robert Quine Tapes VBR

[Rare] The Norman Dolph Acetate

(Rare) Live Rehearsal at the Warhol Museum (1966)

Big thanks to bigearflux.wordpress

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