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Mushi Mushi Sexy Japanese Ido Angel Angela Koisaya

Sexy Japanese Idol Angela Koisaya

Angela Koisaya was born on 10 October 1987 in Japan.

Can’t find much information about Angel Angela except that this 158cm babe is a Japanese AV Idol and she enjoys listening to music.

Oh, we also know that this baby-san is HOTTTT!

Angel Angela, I also love listening to music! We really should hook up and talk about listening to music! And some other stuff!

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Mushi Mushi Angela Koisaya

Angela Koisaya
Mushi Mushi Angela my little Japanese Angel!

This angel ain’t so angelic (thank fuck!) and has become a popular Japanese AV Idol.

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This hotty’s a little bit enigmatic.

We don’t know too much about her aside from her bio;

DOB: 10 October 1987
Birthplace: Japan
Height : 158cm
Hobby : Music

We want to know more. A lot more!

Why don’t you give me a call Angel!

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