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Apparat – MultifunktionsebeneApparat


Catalog#: Strike 20 CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: Aug 2001
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, IDM, Ambient
Credits: Artwork By [Cover Graphics] – Tracnet Artcorp.
Mastered By – Robert Henke
Notes: Mathematically calculated by Sascha Ring using algorithms from 99/2000.

Another journey into the world of avant-garde from Apparat via the wonderfully titled Shitkatapult label!
The ‘Apparat’ (German for ‘apparatus’) belongs to the Berliner Sascha Ring. It’s a mathematic device to produce musical structures. Random modulation algorithms manipulate audiodata in varying intervals. The boundery conditions have been given though, like with Mozart’s musical dice game. Thus the chaos that develops still forms an organic world, which might remind you of a jungle, where in the chirring of insects, the chirping, the knocking and dropping, there seems to be an inscrutable logic.

This intellectual, interdisciplinary form of production is embedded in sedate sounds of a cosmos, which is also homey to the early works of Future Sound of London, the electronic output of a Bernd Friedmann (A-Musik) or the urban melancholy of Bohren & Der Club Of Gore.

The breaking of rhythmical structures, and those reflective moods that seem to arise by chance, had once again recommended Shitkatapult as a source of acoustic research at the time of this release. A curious listener will be rewarded!

– tranceromance

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1 Multifunktionsebene (5:22)
2 7,5t (5:50)
3 Fuckedup (7:21)
4 Error404 (6:06)
5 Multifocus (4:30)
6 Aspirin (5:11)
7 Distance (5:25)
8 Execute (6:30)
9 Forward/Backward (7:02)

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Apparat – Things To Be Frickled (2008, 2CD)

Apparat – Things To Be Frickled (2008, 2CD , Mp3)
The best and coolest remixes by and for APPARAT on this new double cd set. All together “Remixes And Parts To Be Frickled” is a posh showcase of Apparat’s remix skills – making new bold songs of originals. Club killers, silent epics and musical wonders are all in Apparat’s musical cosmos.

CD 1 showcases 11 giant mixes Apparat did for artists like Paul Kalkbrenner (with Ellen Allien), Francesco Tristano, Swayzak, Boys Noize, Lusine, Nathan Fake, Meteo/Thiel, Nitrada, Raz Ohara and himself. Plus an unreleased live Apparat re-version of “Let Your Love Grow” by Moderat (a cooperation between Modeselektor and Apparat) feat. the great Tikiman (aka Paul St Hilaire).

CD 2 assembles 11 re-mixes done for Apparat plus several Apparat remix 12″s. All of them appear on CD here for the first time: Telefon Tel Aviv, Modeselektor, Chris De Luca vs Phon.O, Thomas Fehlmann, Monolake, Boys Noize, Luzine and many more are featured artists. Also this cd features a previously unreleased mix: Shrubbn!! (schieres and t.raumschmiere).


Disc 1

01. Francesco Tristano – Strings of Life (Apparat Remix)
02. Swayzak – Smile and Receive (Apparat Remix)
03. Raz Ohara – Where He At (Apparat Remix)
04. Boys Noize – Shine Shine (Apparat Remix)
05. Paul Kalkbrenner – Queer Fellow (Ellen Allien & Apparat Remix)
06. Nathan Fake – Charlie’s House (Apparat Remix)
07. Lusine – Drift (Apparat Remix)
08. Apparat – Fractales (Apparat Ibiza Version)
09. Meteo/Thiel – Bass and Go (Apparat Remix)
10. Nitrada – Fading Away (Apparat Remix)
11. Moderat – Let Your Love Grow (Apparat Live Version)

Disc 2

01. Apparat & Raz Ohara – Komponent (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)
02. Apparat & Raz Ohara – Holdon (Chris de Luca vs. Phon.o Remix)
03. Apparat & Arcadia (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)
04. Apparat & Raz Ohara – Holdon (Modeselektor Remix)
05. Apparat & Raz Ohara – Haling From the Edge (Shrubbn!! Remix)
06. Apparat & Arcadia (Boys Noize Version)
07. Apparat – Schallstrom (Thomas Fehlmann Remix)
08. Apparat – Contradiction (Lusine Remix)
09. Apparat – Steinholz (Monolake Remix)
10. Apparat – Wooden (Anders Ilar Remix)
11. Apparat & Raz Ohara – Holdon (Raz Ohara’s A Minor Version)

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