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Rolling Stones – You Better Move On / Brian Jones Interview (1964 TV Show)

A snippet – all too short – of the Stones, from the Arthur Haynes TV Show in February 1964, performing the classic “You Better Move On”, followed by an interview with Brian Jones.

Jones does a great job with the vocals on the song.

And he does sound like a rather posh chappy on the interview!! Of course, he, Mick and Keef all came from upper middle class backgrounds – which they soon started trying to hide!

The song is a cover of the great American R&B artist Arthur Alexander who was also a great inspiration to John Lennon and the Beatles.

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.“You Better Move On” is perhaps Alexander’s best-known song, and was also covered by, amongst others, George Jones & Johnny Paycheck and, probably best of all, Mink DeVille.

The Beatles covered Alexander’s “”Anna (Go to Him)” – which had previously been a U.S. R&B Top Ten Hit – on their first American LP “Introducing The Beatles” on the V.J. label.

The Beatles also covered Alexander’s song “Soldier Of Love” on the B.B.C. Sessions.

Alexander deserves a special mention in pop and rock history for his particular influence, as indicated, on the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. It is believed that John Lennon, in particular, was heavily influenced in Alexander’s singing style.

The above-mentioned tracks such as “Anna”, “You Better Move On” and “Soldier of Love”, in particular, but maybe also “Go Home Girl” might confirm this artist’s influence on the Beatles and his influence, if the listener needs further convincing after hearing “You Better Move On”, recorded by the Rolling Stones.

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