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Mick Jones – Amongst Pirate Friends – 1992

Mick Jones – Amongst Pirate Friends – 1992

Fascinating find this!

And what a back-story!

This was posted on a Big Audio Dynamite forum as follows:

Thanks go to El Buccanero for turning up this absolute gem. The story behind it goes a little like this-

How about this for a story:

Here’s the story:

These tracks were all (or at least most) intended to be included in the Amongst Friends movie soundtrack. The director’s house was robbed before the film’s completion – oddly nothing was taken except a box of studio tapes labelled “Mick Jones Master Bits”. Only three tracks were left as they had not yet been collected from the studio – these are the three on the soundtrack album as we know it.

I was sent a cassette tape over two years ago by an LA burglar (no joke) who for obvious reasons can’t be named (you know who you are and thank you again) who came upon a cassette copy, he tells me, when he was serving time. He was given it by this punk guy who (so the story goes) would sit alone in his cell all day and play harpsichord music tapes.

So thanks to these chaps, we finally get to hear the whole thing – even if the sound quality is not great and some of the mixes a little rough, I reckon it’s a really interesting and unique, not to say highly enjoyable bunch of tracks. And Mick, hope you don’t mind – I’d like you to know no profit at all is being made by anybody involved. But if you do object for any reason then please contact me and I’ll get them taken down. What I would say is that if any of you like the tracks then tell the gang here on the BAD discussion page, and give a few quid or dollars or U-Roez to a charity you believe in. If you’re at a loss for one to choose then why not start a discussion about that.

I have re-christened this collection “AMONGST PIRATE FRIENDS”.

I will be ‘releasing’ the MP3s in sets of 3 each Friday afternoon with the help of Tosh and EE. Just a tip I learned from my mum from childhood Xmas mornings!

The first 3 are up now – there will eventually be 19 tracks in total (plus a few odd bits after), mostly instrumental themes and versions of the three tracks we already know. There are also two songs with Mick performing the vocal – one of which is up now called “When The Rain Would Fall” and the other will be in the last batch in about six weeks just to keep you all on your toes… (and I have kept them in the order they appear on the tape)

Technical note – the cassette source I have is not great quality but it’s the best you’re gonna get as my LA contact seems to think the masters were destroyed… I have encoded them at 192 kbps so some of the files are quite large, but I didn’t want to compromise on quality for such a treasure.

Now what are you waiting for???


01 Instrumental 1 Bass
02 Long Island Piano
03 When The Rain Would Fall
04 Long Island March
05 Instrumental 2 Calm
05b Long Island LP
06 Instrumental 3 Lite
07 Instrumental 4 Mood
08 Instrumental 5 Cut Off
08b Instrumental 3 Repeated.
09 Instrumental 6 SoulSpace
09b Instrumental 7 Aborted
10 Instrumental 7 Girl a
10b Instrumental 1 Aborted
11 Instrumental 8 Acid
12 Instrumental 9 Horns
13 No Ennio Version
14 Instrumental 10 Girl b
15 Instrumental 11 Yazz
16 Long Island Strings]
17 Instrumental 12 Spacy
17b Rush Live
18 What Can I Do
19 No Ennio Strings
19b I Don’t Know LP
19c No Ennio LP

Here she be;

Big thanks to El Buccanero and the original posters and Coga

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