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Quick Change – 1990 – DVDRip Xvid

Quick Change (1990)
Directed by Howard Franklin / Bill Murray

Produced by Bill Murray / Robert Greenhut
Written by Howard Franklin / Jay Cronley (book)
Music by Randy Edelman
Cinematography Michael Chapman
Distributed by Warner Brothers
Release date July 13, 1990
Running time 89 min.
Language English
DVDRip Xvid

The bank robbery was easy. But getting out of New York was a nightmare.

[Johnny holds a gun to Grimm’s back]
Johnny: This ain’t my dick in your back!
Grimm: That’s a relief.
A classic comedy, co-produced and co-directed by Bill Murray back in 1990!

Beautifully structured, cleverly written and wonderfully performed.

A true delight!

Bank Guard: What the Hell kind of clown are you?
Grimm: The crying on the inside kind, I guess.

I caught this again late last night on some crappy channel that normally shows only inane movies by the likes of Adam Sandler or David Spade or the ilk!

After seeing Quick Change now over a half dozen times down the years, amazingly there’s still a great freshness to the film and always little things you haven’t noticed on early viewings!

A true test of a great film is re-watchability! (did I just make that word up? … if so, I’m copyrighting the fucker!) I contrast this, for example, with the critically lauded and multi-Oscar winning pile of shit “No Country for Old Men” which I could barely sit through once!

Flores! Flores para los muertes! Flores! Para los muertes! Los muertes! Los muertes! Los muertes!

Loomis: Now, we’re going to find a familiar street soon.
Phyllis: I’d settle for a familiar borough.

The high level script synopsis is that a wannabe-mastermind crook and some accomplices rob a bank in a unique and clever manner and make their escape. Things go well with what one would think the difficult part of the plan. However, then things start to unravel badly!

But take this plot shell and turn it inside out and upside down, and, like a cubist painting, you get this comic masterpiece!

The fascinating and quirky key characters face an unending series of weird scenarios in their existentialist struggle to obtain a slice of paradise. Too many scenarios to describe …. you’ve just got to watch it. And re-watch it!

Loomis: Ten thousand dollars for a taxi!
Phyllis: And a blow job!

There is a wonderful cast led by Bill Murray (who also co-directed the film together with the film’s screenwriter Howard Franklin) with Geena Davis, Randy Quaid, and Jason Robards.

The great Bill Murray has never been better than this (and that’s really saying something!).

The supreme Jason Robards is predictably excellent as the street-wise aged Police Chief Rotzinger!

Robards is one of our favourite actors of all time. It’s amazing how many truly classic movies he has been in – great films by directors of the ilk of Leone, Peckinpah, Sturges, Anderson etc etc! Of course, we loved him best as Cheyenne in the sublime Once Upon a Time in the West.

Geena Davis does a surprisingly fine job here also. While Randy Quaid, whose role is to provide a counter-point to Murray, is suitably OTT!

Plus, there’s a wonderful supporting cast that includes Tony Shalhoub, Stanley Tucci, Phil Hartman, Victor Argo, Kurtwood Smith, Bob Elliott, and Philip Bosco.

The film – loosely based on the book by Jay Cronley – opens with the wonderfully named Grimm (Murray), dressed as a clown, robbing a bank in Midtown Manhattan by ingeniously setting up a hostage situation and slipping away with an enormous sum of money and his accomplices; girlfriend Phyllis (Davis) and best friend Loomis (Quaid).

The plan works perfectly until a series of unexpected calamities begin to ensue!

And the wonderful madness never thereafter relents!

Loomis: It was an accident, Phyllis.
Phyllis: Oh, you know? So was Chernobyl.
Grimm: True, but Loomis didn’t irradiate anybody.

Quick Change contains some really crazy surreal moments! So many of them! But there are two truly amazing moments in particular which we love!

When the threesome lose their way, they stop to ask a Spanish guy for directions. But this guy, shirtless on a bike and carrying some sort of dangerous looking pole, is deep in thought, trance-like, and totally ignores them. Suddenly he’s up on the bike and racing towards another Spanish guy, also shirtless on a bike, in a sort of fifteenth century horseback joust!

There are assorted other strange Spanish folk sitting around totally engrossed in the scene – like it’s Andalusia in the nineteenth century, rather than modern day Manhattan island! Then, when one of the jousters is felled from his bike, a boy mournfully tolls the Church bell and an old woman cries!!

What fucking madness! What fucking brilliance! Like something out of a Luis Bunuel film!

Grimm: When you say “near” the airport…
Bus Driver: .48 miles.
Grimm: Alright. When do we get there?

Bus Driver: 22:30 hours.

Grimm: When is that? In human time.

Bus Driver: 10:30.

Grimm: 10:30. Say you had to walk it…

Bus Driver: With that injured individual?

Grimm: Yes.

Bus Driver: I can’t give you a precise figure on that.

Grimm: Come on! Make a guess.

Bus Driver: 21 minutes.

Later, as things are looking perilous for the three fugitives and they are staggering through a scary dark deserted area full of dilapidated empty buildings, they hear someone screaming Flores para los muertes! Flores para los muertes! ….. .

The voice gets louder and slowly approaches them.

They see via a lamplight in the gloom that it is an old Spanish woman slowly making her way towards them, engrossed in her intense mournful lament, dressed in funeral garb and carrying a basket of flowers for the dead!

You don’t get magic like this in an Adam Sandler movie! Not in 1,000 Sandler movies!

This is a stone-cold classic! A sadly neglected one!

Quick Change – Trailer (1990)

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