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Wild Billy Childish And The MBE – Thatcher’s children (2008)

Wild Billy Childish And The MBE – Thatcher’s children (2008)
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Recent work from Brit eccentric extraordinaire Childish and his mates!

Yap … Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians Of The British Empire are back with a brand new album “Thatcher’s Children”.

This is their third album in as many years and has 12 new tracks including the title track, which will also be available in an alternative version as a limited 7”.

The cover has been put together by legendary Sex Pistols cover artist Jamie Reid.

Every 5 years or so Billy Childish is sited by the current top band as the embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll integrity, and every 5 years or so Billy splits his group up and starts again from scratch. With his latest combo, The Musicians of the British Empire, Billy carries on his tradition of home made punk and rhythm and blues. This is what a real rock ’n’ roll group sounds like.


1.Thatcher’s children
2.Loray Head
3.Again and again
4.Little Miss Contrary
5.An image of you
6.Rosie Jones
7.Coffee Date
8.He’s making a tape
9.Dole Drums (The Wolf Howard Theme)
10.I’m Depressed
11.I Fill All of Your Dreams
12.Back Amongst the Medway Losers

here’s billy the kid;…..atcher.rar
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