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Boobiful Bobbi Billard

Bobbi Billard Profile;

Height: 5’8″, Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel, Hair: Blonde
Location: Hollywood, California.


Bobbi, how are you? Could you tell what have you been up to recently?

Bobbi Billard: I’m doing great. I’ve been really busy since we last spoke so I thank you for being patient with me. I was in Spain and Germany for a month. I went out there to shoot the cover and a feature in Interviu Magazine. It was quite an honor to be featured on the cover and pages of that magazine because it is one of the top men’s magazines in Spain and they rarely feature girls that are from America. They rented out the entire Jarama racetrack in Madrid for my shoot. Then after that, I went to Germany to visit my best friend who I haven’t seen in years. 2007 was a busy year for me. I was pleased to have 3 covers and features in magazines internationally for the first time in my career (Interviu Magazine Spain, People Magazine Australia, and Esquire Magazine Turkey).

I recently shot a pictorial for a major magazine but I’m not allowed to reveal what it is yet. Be expecting a huge announcement soon regarding a major publication that I just shot for. Check out my myspace at to hear the news first. And I recently shot my very first movie called Ice Scream: The Remix. Ice Scream is a campy comedy/horror flick that is a ten year remake of a movie that had a bit of a cult following. The movie should be coming out any day now. I had a lead role in this film. I play Vicki and she’s kind a ditsy blonde but she is a badass.

You will have to see the movie to find out more but let me just say, this movie is going to be awesome! It was an absolute blast to shoot! I’m going to watch the premiere in a few weeks. I can’t wait!

I’m also shooting a reality show called Bobbi Goes To Hollywood. You will be able to watch it on, the same people that brought you the Olly Girls show. The show is all about my life and career since I recently moved out to Hollywood to pursue my dreams. Tune in to find out if I make it happen.

Last week, I shot for French TV on a show that is the equivalent of the E! Channel over there with my dog Gucci. The show or the network is called NRG (like Energie) and it is very famous in France. In the show, I took the host shopping in LA to the places where all the celebrities shop. Then we stopped by Sunset Tan, the place made famous by the show on E!.

* What does it mean to be one of the top print and Internet models in the United States? How is it like to be so popular and famous?

Bobbi Billard: Thanks for the compliment. I have worked hard my entire career so I think it is very nice to finally start to see the rewards for all of my hard work.

* How much of your childhood affects the kind of person you are today?

Bobbi Billard: As a child, I was made fun of. They called me “monkey lips” and I really never fit in. Going through that experience has definitely affected who I am today. For starters, I might not have become a model had I not gone through that. Fortunately, going through the teasing is what indirectly got me started in modeling. I always felt like a total outcast amongst the kids at school, however I loved being in front of the camera and got a lot of experience early on. And personally, I think going through all of the teasing made me a better person. I am definitely a lot more humble and down to earth as a result. It was hard to go through all of it but looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. It prepared me for what I do now. Being in the spotlight subjects you to seeing some rather harsh criticism about yourself. I learned at a very young age to not let it affect me.

* Model (fitness, pinup, bikini, glamour), Actress, Webmistress, Spokesmodel, & V.I.P. Nightclub Host. All of them in one woman! How do you divide your day/week between so many skills?

Bobbi Billard: It’s difficult to balance it all. I always feel like I am behind on something that I should be doing. The pressure is tremendous but I do the best I can. As far as scheduling, my booking agent helps with most of that. He makes sure that I am not double booked and tells me when I am hired here or there.

* What has been your most rewarding accomplishment so far?

Bobbi Billard: I’d have to say the major publication that I recently shot for that I’m not allowed to say whom it is for yet. It was my dream to shoot for them and I did it! Woohoo! Now I’m left wondering what I should wish for next.

* How have your marketing efforts changed since you started modeling? In other words, is it easy for you to market yourself today, compared with when you started?

Bobbi Billard: It definitely is difficult to promote yourself in this day and age. There are so many sites on the net now. It’s not what it was when I first started. And of course, myspace wasn’t around when I first started modeling. I feel that I have done my best to adapt and pride myself on being on the cutting edge as far as the new trends in sites are concerned. For instance, before MySpace existed, Yahoo! groups were all the rage. I had the most popular model group on Yahoo! Then when myspace came about, I joined soon enough to become the number 4 most popular model on the site. At the rate that I am growing, I should be the number 3 model on myspace very soon.

* What is the greatest change you have made in your life?

Bobbi Billard: I’d say that overcoming my anxiety was a change that I have made in my life that I am extremely proud of. It used to be so bad that I would avoid situations in which I had to do auditions, interviews, or speak on camera. This affected my job greatly because being an actress requires you to be comfortable on camera. However, my anxiety is pretty much a thing of the past. I am so happy that I don’t have to deal with it anymore because at times it was unbearable.

* Many people ask themselves: “I’m a very talented person but why is it that I’m still lacking in career success and financial stability?”. From your rich experience and the successful career you’ve built Bobbi, what would you tell them? How to make career success?

Bobbi Billard: I’d say to make sure you are doing what you love. When you love what you do, it doesn’t seem like work. Also, I am a firm believer that you get out what you put in. The harder you work, the more likely you are to succeed.

* Why do women judge other women’s beauty much more than men judge other men?

Bobbi Billard: I think because women are intimidated by other women’s beauty. However, men are not off the hook as far as insecurities are concerned. Men seem to be intimidated by the success and power that other men have.

* How does society decide the standard of beauty, and how does these standard impact women?

Bobbi Billard: Society decides the standard of beauty when people respond to a certain type of advertising or look. Women have always been and will always be obsessed with their weight. Lately, it seems like we’ve hit a new low with some of the models that are being hired for campaigns. For instance, you see women that are starving themselves and have eating disorders doing a lot of the modeling that you see in magazines like Glamour and Vogue. These are the models that women respond well to. I guess many of these women subscribe to the theory that you can never be too rich or too thin. Therefore, they keep hiring more models that look like this. If women stopped responding favorably to advertisers that used models like this, then I’m sure you’d see a change in the models that these companies are hiring. In all fairness, there have been some companies that have taken a stance and started using women that are more curvaceous. Dove has their “Campaign For Real Beauty” in which attractive women with bodies that better reflect 95% of the female population are referred to as Dove Beauties.

* What are your favorite foods? And how do they fit together with your excellent figure?

Bobbi Billard: I love sushi and fortunately, it is very healthy. I’ve always been a bit of a health nut and prefer to eat right, which is good for keeping my figure looking how it should. Nothing has been handed to me though. I wasn’t blessed with the genetics to eat whatever I want so I do have to watch it.

* Which is the more powerful emotion: LOVE or HATE? Why do you think so?

Bobbi Billard: I think that love is the more powerful emotion. It’s easy to hate… It’s harder to love. If more people were about love, this world would be a much better place to live in. * What do you like to do in your spare time?

Bobbi Billard: I’m not modeling, I’m always on the computer either approving friend requests on myspace (I get about 1000-3000 requests a day), or I’m posting comments or blogs so that I can keep in touch with my fans. I do a lot of interviews, both online or at red carpet events in Hollywood. I also do a radio show once a week at
I like to spend time with friends and family, either staying in and cooking, or going out to eat. I enjoy learning new things. I’m interested in learning more about wine or art. I also like hiking and playing with my dog.

Bobbi Billard bikini video shot in Jamaica.

* What are your plans for your future?

Bobbi Billard: I’m still trying to figure that out. I just achieved one of my goals and now I’m left wondering what else I should set my sights on. I predict that I will have broken more into the acting business because I have been transitioning from the modeling into acting. I see myself possibly having my own TV show. Or who knows, I could go in the complete opposite direction and settle down and start a family. Or both… Quite honestly, I can say that I absolutely love what I am doing for a living right now. However, if for some reason I wasn’t modeling and acting, I would love to own an upscale dog boutique/grooming salon and sell stylish clothes for dogs, bags, gourmet food and treats, puppy sitting services, etc. I’d also love to have my own clothing and accessory line. I have a passion for real estate so I think that becoming a real estate agent is something I plan on doing while I am still pursuing the modeling and acting route.

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The Bobbi Billard Interview – clubplanet


The Bobbi Billard Interview

-Diana Kost
The Bobbi Billard Interview

When you speak to Bobbi Billard on the phone, you’d guess that she’s the modest girl next door, not the platinum blonde bombshell with the 34DD-24-35. Luckily for us, she is the platinum blonde bombshell. And she’s coming to a neighborhood near you.

After skyrockting to the number 3 spot on MySpace’s Top 100, Bobbi is now a hot party commodity, serving as host of this year’s Wet Grooves party when it hits Las Vegas on September 23rd at the infamous Hard Rock pool.

She’ll be joining Filo & Peri, Steve Smooth, JJ Flores, Beej and Mikie Smithers in making sure Vegas has the hottest, wettest, slipperiest pool party this side of the Playboy mansion. (Click here for more info and tickets.) Despite her busy work schedule, CP managed to track her down for some girl talk.

CP: Wet Grooves is one hot party. How’d you get this job?

Bobbi Billard: I think they were initially drawn to me because of my myspace profile–I have over 540,000 friends. (Editor’s note: click here to see the MySpace page. It’s insane.)


BB: I’ve never been to a Wet Grooves party so I’m excited to see what it’s all about. I know that they do parties around the country, so obviously it’s a big deal. It sounds like a lot of fun.

What do you look forward to most?

BB: Hanging out with my friend Chera and meeting some of the people who I haven’t met yet from myspace. Sit back, getting a tan and having a drink doesn’t sound so bad!

Speaking of your myspace page, I noticed you made a special page for your pink dog Gucci. What’s up with that?

BB: He’s actually sitting on my lap right now. He’s trying to get in on the interview, too. Yeah, I’m trying to make him the most popular dog on myspace. I think he’s adorable and he’s definitely got a personality that would make a good doggy profile on myspace. He’s like my little mascot.

Your fans must really love you if they leave thousands of comments for your dog.

BB: They actually reminded me that it was my dog’s birthday yesterday. I got all of these doggy birthday comments. They all remembered and they all posted something for him. That’s just cool.

I noticed that you have a lot of female fans. Are you surprised?

BB: I never noticed that. I actually thought it was predominately male. I love to have female fans. I’ve always thought women didn’t like me.

They all like you enough to steal your pictures.

BB: I actually have a big problem with that. Of course imitation is flattery but I have had people that have impersonated me and they’ve actually received gifts from people. They’ve made dates off of and stood people up. I would hate to have that guy not like me for something that’s not my fault. I’m perfectly capable of having people not like me on my own. I don’t need anyone else’s help.

Pictures are a big part of your career. Do you get excited over good pictures like us regular folk?

BB: I get so excited! Yesterday I put up six new pictures and I was working on them all day resizing them and putting my brand on them. I was all excited to put them up on myspace and see what the comments would be.

You started your myspace page a little late in the game yet you managed to acquire so many friends. Do you know magic?

BB: I was actually hurt when I set up my profile. I broke my neck with WWE and I was in a lot of pain. While I was waiting for my surgery, all I did was just sit on my computer and do that all day. That was my little distraction. I approved everyone. I’ll block them if they’re spamming me but for the most part I approve everyone.

Guys can be obnoxious at times. What’s the weirdest comment somebody has left you?

BobbiBillard 1.jpg

BB: An email I received a couple of years ago. I don’t know if this was real or if he was joking, but he was all about me with a horse bridal. He wanted me to take pictures like that. I don’t know if that was a really weird fetish or if he was just being a jerk.

Guys may be obnoxious but it’s the girls that try to be like you. How do you feel about the competition?

BB: I’ve never worried about competition because I think there’s only one me. As far as them looking up to me, I’m honored. Whenever any girl says something like that to me, I’m still so shocked. It still hasn’t sunk in. I’ve heard it a lot but for some reason I’m still like, “why me?”

Modesty is hot.

BB: I think I’ll always be that way. I was teased when I was growing up so I think that’s what kept me humble. It made me a nicer person because I always wanted people to like me and I tried that much harder to make friends because I wasn’t popular. I’m glad I went through what I went through back in the day.

I read somewhere that your parents wanted you to model to help build your self esteem.

BB: They put me in modeling school to give me some self confidence on how I looked. Part of your perception of yourself is based upon the feedback you receive from others, and if all you ever hear is negative, you start to believe it.

Wait… people had negative comments? To you?

BB: Kids had me thinking I was ugly and I just heard it so much I began to think there was something wrong with me. Now I look back at pictures and I’m like, “What the hell is wrong with me?! I’m hot!”

And your page is so well written. How much of the writing do you do?

BB: Absolutely all of it. There was no ghost writer. So many people are advocating playing dumb. Like the whole Jessica Simpson chicken/tuna fiasco. I love Jessica Simpson and I’m not taking a shot at her but it seems that playing dumb is more in than being smart. To me, stupidity is a big turn off.

Yeah. Now let’s talk about the really important stuff. Do you come to New York often?

BB: I’ve been there twice and I would love to come back. Chera was actually talking to me about going back so hopefully we’ll do that.

Where did you party when you were here?

BB: You know, I don’t think I really knew where to go out! I’m not from there and I don’t know anyone out there.

We won’t hold that against you. Where do you like to go out in LA?

BB: It’s so weird but I never go out anymore. I’ve been hired to do all of these events so I save my energy for those.

Okay, so when you do head out, do you have an entourage?

bobbibillard 3.jpg

BB: Yeah, I have a little entourage. I’m guilty. At night time, you have to bring your friends out because that’s when you have the most fun.

More important questions: what’s your favorite drink?

BB: I like champagne with Chambord. I love Opus 1. That’s not really a club drink; it’s more of a “sit down at dinner and order a bottle of wine” drink. I like extra dirty martinis. Those are always fun to order and they give you one of those looks. “Oh, really? You like it extra dirty, eh?”

That’s super cheesy.

BB: Pretty much. It’s just a given that it’s going to happen. That’s why you make the guys order it and make them look stupid!

Favorite song?

BB: That new Justin Timberlake song, “Sexy Back.” I think it’s pretty cool. He’s hot.

What can a regular guy do to get your attention?

BB: Come up and say “hey, what’s up?” It’s not like anyone is going to be giving him the evil eye. My friends aren’t like that.

No bodyguards protecting you from the masses?

BB: Depends on the event. But nobody that would make me feel uncomfortable. Maybe if I was to be famous at that point and I would need that type of security but that would be a sad day for me. I’m just nice to everyone. It’s sad that celebrities have to be like that.

I heard you are going on a date with some guy from myspace. He won a contest or something…?

BB: It’s august 31st. He’s hilarious and I just love him. I’m sure its going to be awesome. He is just such a cool guy and I really did well by picking him. I’m trying to make him famous on myspace!

He reminds me of Rex Lee. Lloyd from Entourage.

BB: I’ve never watched that because I’m too cheap to pay for HBO! I need to because all I never even seen Sex in the City.

Yeah, like we believe that.

Click here for Bobbi’s official site. For more on Wet Grooves, click here. And here for tickets.

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Bobbi Billard – Diet Dr. Pepper Commercial

I think Booby Bobbi won an Oscar for this!

I’d certainly give her a gong!

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Bobbi Billard Hot Camo Bikini Pole Dancing

Here’s the wonderfully named Bobbi Billard !

I wonder how she came up with that name?!

This booby babe was once a wrestler. Man, I could sure as hell do a few rounds with her!


Booby Bobbi has great news for us!

She says:

Here’s me doing a Hot Pole Dance on a beach in my Camo Bikini. As usual I am having fun, but funs what I love. I have over 39 Videos on YouTube of me having fun and doing various things. All for you to check out. Miss Bobbi Billard loves to have fun.

To Check out my YouTube Video Bobbi Billard Hot Camo Bikini go here

Bobbi Billard Camo Bikini

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