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Brad Mehldau – The Art Of The Trio Vol. 1 (1997)

Brad Mehldau – The Art Of The Trio Vol. 1
Warner Bros.
1997 / Jazz

Some mighty fine music here, alright!

A performance by a jazz trio has not sounded this good in years and years!

Prodigious technique, an emphasis on harmonic impressionism and delicately strung arpeggios, a preference for the high-wire austerity of piano, bass, and drums: if jazz pianist Brad Mehldau sounds like he’s grooming himself as the next Bill Evans, his second album only heightens the comparisons, right down to its deadly serious title.

Happily, Mehldau pulls it off on this critically-acclaimed 1997 release, which finds his luminous touch bringing fresh power to standards (including the opening “Blame It on My Youth,” “I Didn’t Know What Time It Was,” and a lovely reading of the Beatles’ “Blackbird”) and some equally strong originals. Drummer Jorge Rossy and bassist Larry Grenadier prove sympathetic partners, but it’s Mehldau who transcends mere technical cuff-flashes to let the underlying lyricism carry the day.

-Sam Sutherland

Simply wonderful. in Art of the Trio Volume 1 Brad Mehldau clearly seems to inherit the cloak of the marvelous Bill Evans, argueably, the best Jazz pianist of all time. The song are deep lyrical, just beautiful. Expressions of true emotion. His bass player Paul Grenadier meshes well, placing emphasis and pushing back where needed without seeming to get into turf battles (as sometimes happened with Evans) and Jorge Rossy drums are also perfect. A well oiled machine.

The best stuff here is the standards: “Blame it on my Youth”, “I didn’t know What Time it Was”, the bouncy “Nobody Else but Me” and “Blackbird” (I always wonder why Jazz groups don’t work more with the lyrical Beatle melodies, as Jazz musicians of the past used the pop melodies of Cole Porter, and Gershwin?). But the best of all is the heart wrenching, slow “I Fall in Love Too Easily”. It takes courage to publicly display this kind of deep sadness (it isn’t just a tempo). There must have been a failed love affair somewhere…

The original songs are, well, not up to the level of the standards, but what can you expect? They’re new. It’s really it’s a great record from beginning to end. Despite some sad songs, the Trio genuinely seems to be enjoying themselves in playing!

Well recorded, good harmonics on the piano.

I would love to see Brad and the Trio make another CD this good!

By rash67

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1. Blame It on My Youth
2. I Didn’t Know What Time It Was
3. Ron’s Place
4. Blackbird
5. Lament For Linus
6. Mignon’s Song
7. I Fall in Love Too Easily
8. Lucid
9. Nobody Else But Me

Here she be:

Brad Mehldau – The Art Of The Trio Vol. 1 Part 1

Brad Mehldau – The Art Of The Trio Vol. 1 Part 2

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