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The Erotic Adventures of a Puppet?

Who knew that a wooden boy could have so much fun?

I guess pornoland did!

Carlo Lorenzini, aka Carlo Collodi, wrote the classic fable Pinocchio in 1883 telling of a marionette who learns how to be generous through hard lessons.

It’s vivid and effective moral is that children who love and take good care of their parents when they are old and sick, deserve praise and rewards – even though they may not be held up as models of obedience and good behavior.

So what did pornoland do with such a classic and educational tale?

Well, they turned into into this shit!!

Here, hilariously, it isn’t Pinny’s nose that gets bigger when he lies.

No, no no!

It’s something else!

How did they think of that? These porno guys are rocket-scientists!

So all the blonde bimbo “actresses” get poor Pinny to tell massive lies!

Have they no sympathy for Pinny’s plight?!

Thanks to the great

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