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Cat Power – Moon Pix (1998)

If you’re looking for something easy, you might as well give it up

Another great work from Ms. Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power (haha! Pussy power! I get it! … Hilarious!), part whackjob (I saw her fall asleep at a gig in Dublin years back. I mean asleep while on stage!) and part songwriter / song interpreter supreme.

Loads of post-apocalyptic fun on this one!

Also, from one of our favourite groups, there are two of the Dirty Three. What happened number three of the Dirty Three ?! Was he too dirty?!

Here, she takes intimacy to a new level with the eerily lovely song cycle of Moon Pix. The narrative revolves around a nightmare figure who beckons toward a location that sounds rather like H-E-double hockey sticks. The starkness of this ghost story is mirrored in the austerity of the atmospheric music.

Joined by Jim White and Mick Turner of the wonderful Australian group the Dirty Three, Marshall uses spare guitar, flute, and piano arrangements to create the sounds of the last singer left on a post-apocalyptic landscape.

This one is challenging and perhaps difficult for some fans. But it is a brilliant album.’s Best of 1998

Chan Marshall, a.k.a. Cat Power, has created an album, Moon Pix, that somehow manages to be both complex and difficult as well as stark and spacious.

It’s an interesting contradiction mirrored in Marshall’s vocal and lyrical talents; her voice soars and croons, sometimes trading melodies with a wandering flute line, while her lyrics are powerful, inscrutable, and fiercely intimate.

Two of the Dirty Three evoke a subtle instrumental landscape upon which she wanders, a place less haunting than haunted; specters of lost friends, lost loves, and unrealized dreams abound.

There is beauty here, but the kind of beauty found in the crushed shell of a bird’s egg or a cemetery in fall. Not an easy listen, but a necessary one.

-Tod Nelson


1 American Flag
2 He Turns Down
3 No Sense
4 Say
5 Metal Heart
6 Back Of Your Head
7 Moonshiner
8 You May Know Him
9 Colors And The Kids
10 Cross Bones Style
11 Peking Saint

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