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Abbey Rude! – Lady Macca’s Porno Past

“She looks like the madam of a sleazy brothel”

A piece from Brit rag “The Sun” last year regarding the loveable, cuddly Heather Mills! The most popular woman in Britain since Myra Hindley !!

It’s really rather strange and scary, how much public perception has demonised Mills! She can have no public life in the future – maybe even any semblance of a normal life will be nigh impossible too.

I’m no fan of Heather’s. Among reasons for this, is the fact that she reminds me too much of a chick, Stacey, I met in North-East England years ago on a Stag Party weekend. I don’t mean that Stacey had the same number of legs as Heather. I was drunk of course, but I’m sure there were two legs – not three, not one, not zero.

Anyway, the worst thing was the fact that, at the end of our one night stand, Stacey gave me a case of crabs. How inconsiderate! When I opened it later, the crabs jumped out of my briefcase, ran around everywhere and scared all the passengers on the train! I think Stacey’s dad was a fisherman.

I am a big Paul fan though. He’s definitely one of my favourite Beatles. In fact, he’s definitely my fourth favourite Beatle. Fifth, if you include Pete Best.

Little Heather’s far from the first spouse (of either sex) to marry a wealthy older partner and then come away with a huge chunk of change.

Do people think Mc Cartney is some senile, innocent, fragile geezer that either never knew what he was doing, or who needs to be protected at all costs?

Macca is a notoriously shrewd businessman and was thereby able to become by far the wealthiest of the former Beatles and in fact one of the wealthiest people in Britain!

Also, Macca came from the poor streets of a rundown Liverpool during the post-war economic depression. He would have to have been been as streetwise as a street lamp!!

Macca could easily have required Mills to sign a pre-nuptial agreement – but he did not! Therefore, he had to endure the extended proceedings and potential loss of fortunes. That’s his own fault!

Do people think that just because it’s once-cuddly Beatle Paul, that his marriage will last forever?

Divorce rates are steadily high and according to UK Government stats, some 132,562 UK couples split in 2006 (the huge number of couples whose marriage has to all intents and purposes ended, but who for whatever reason do not divorce, is not included in this stat)!

Consider adding to this “standard risk” of marriage failure, the incredibly high profile of the Macca marriage. Add too the very idiosyncratic nature of Macca’s lifestyle and the inherent unique stresses and strains that presents. Add too the fact that Macca had adult children from a former marriage and consider the stresses to a marriage that normally creates. Add too the age gap between the spouses.

Therefore, let alone having to cope with the normal stresses and strains of a man and a woman living together 24/7, but having to cope with so many more difficulties and challenges, the risk of this marriage failing was always high.

Yes, therfore, even if it had been “cuddly Beatle Paul” with some virgin who’d just walked out of a nunnery, the marriage would have had a high risk of an early end!

Yet, Mills seems to get 100% of the blame for the breakdown of their marriage. Not Paul. Not the public glare. Not the unique lifestyle. Not the presence of adult children from a former marriage. Not the age gap. Not the normal marital strains!

It was fascinating then, in this context and the context of the vast potential financial gain/loss for the two parties that, as the Mc Cartney divorce case progressed, more and more revelations about Mills came across the various media channels to the Public! To the Public at large – and also of course to individual members of the Judiciary who from part of the Public and who therefore could not have avoided hearing the sordid details via some media channel!

This so-called scandalous stuff wasn’t new to the various media sources. Stories about Mills’s naughty past (allegations of having been a call-girl, porno model, etc) had been going around for years, but had in the main been hushed up when she was in the arms of Sir Paul.

Yes, amongst the allegations was one that Mills was once a “high class” call-girl! I love when idiots use the phrase “high class” in that ludicrous context! Even if, say, the Royal Queen of Holland was doing tricks for cash, even she could not then be properly referred to as “high class”!

So it seems the media rags felt they could publish this material as the divorce proceedings progressed, even though they never dared do so before!

Just look at the piece below from the Sun rag! The reporter is apparently shocked senseless at the content of what is basically a Sex Instruction Manual. It’s like these pictures came out of the sixth circle of hell and would corrupt the morals of the entire society!

This is the same Sun rag that every day has a young, often teenage, lady stripped on page 3 for the delectation of its “readers”. Of course too, it normally has lots of other nude or partially nude female shots on its inside pages.

Why the moral crusade against something Mills may have done ages ago?

Do we really believe that Macca had no inkling of Mills’s alleged dark past before he wed her?

Like anyone, Mills has free will. If she wanted to get involved in a particular kind of photography or a particular kind of work or whatever, so long as it’s not illegal or minors are not involved, it was her choice.

Furthermore, Mills was a model. Models are sometimes, or even often, involved in photoshoots where at least some nudity exists. If Mills had been a nude model for the Sun rag, they would have published her nude pictures with no qualms.

Applying moral judgment on someone else’s actions is always precarious and often hypocritical.

What about Macca himself?

Cuddly Paul came from the swinging sixties. The “Free Love” era! The Hippy era. Stories of debauched bacchanalian sex and drug orgies from the swinging sixties are commonplace even among “normal folk” who participated in the scene – let alone in the rarified world of music superstars and legendary groupies.

Is there any miniscule, remote chance that Macca may have done some naughty things some time in the past?! Why weren’t the media rushing to investigate that possibility and to find potential evidence thereof?!

So Macca’s “publicity” campaign could look like it might have involved a lot of propaganda and, potentially, disinformation!

Importantly too, of course, it’s a lot easier and a lot less dangerous to throw mud at the “despised one” of a Knight of the Realm than at the “loved one” of a Knight of the Realm!

When the court case had ended, the settlement turned out to be a lot less than that first feared by the Macca camp, when the proceedings were first announced!

Therefore, if I was cynical, I’d say the Macca “publicity” campaign worked perfectly!

I’m not cynical though!

Mills received a serious chunk of change. But what about her life?

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Heather Mills McCartney

Abbey Rude … Heather in clinch from book

Showbiz Editor

05 Jun 2006

LADY Heather McCartney posed in depraved pornographic clinches which are bound to sicken her estranged husband Sir Paul and his army of fans.

The ex-model was snapped in a string of lurid scenes for a hard core German book.

Many of the images are too explicit to print in a family newspaper.

One shot shows Heather naked and smothered in baby oil as she performs a sex act on a nude male porn star. The curly-haired man is then photographed performing an act on her with the help of a sex toy.

In other shots Heather appears to act out bondage scenes with whips, handcuffs and edible underwear.

Dressed in red stockings, suspenders and a corset — and with long red-painted nails — she looks like the madam of a sleazy brothel.

She is also seen smearing herself and the male co-star with whipped cream and baby oil. In some snaps her nipples are covered with lipstick.

In other scenes, Heather and the man appear to have sex and perform sex acts while watching themselves in a mirror. And in yet more, Heather ends up naked during a game of strip poker.

The porn shoot was published in 1988 — five years before the blonde became famous after losing her leg when hit by a police motorbike.

Now 38 and mum to Sir Paul’s two-year-old Beatrice, she stopped at very little when she took part in the revolting snaps for Die Freuden Der Liebe — The Joys Of Love.

The filthy volume features 112 pages filled with pictures — and contains NO accompanying words.

Heather and Sir Paul, 63, announced last month that they were separating after just four years of marriage. Geordie-born Heather could claim up to £200million in a divorce.

Ex-Beatle Sir Paul had earlier apparently turned a blind eye to his wife’s “colourful” past — insisting it was all slurs by jealous fans and mean media commentators.

She was once even asked on a US chat show if she had ever been a prostitute, which she denied.

Days ago The Sun told how Heather was a would-be escort girl who dated rich Arabs behind the back of first hubby Alfie Karmal.

He said: “I caught her out lying over a job interview, which turned out to be an interview with an escort agency. Heather claimed she didn’t know it was an escort agency and said she thought she would just be showing clients around London.

“Under that beautiful, caring facade was a manipulative, callous and cold woman.”

Since news of their split became public, Paul has gone out of his way to defend his estranged wife. He regularly posts messages on his website attacking sections of the media for branding her a “gold-digger”.

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