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City of Chicago – Christy Moore & Luka Bloom

Irish trad legend Christy Moore and his brother Barry aka Luka Bloom perform Barry’s beautiful lament City of Chicago – about immigrants forced to the New World pining for their faraway homeland – on a special tribute show to Christy on Irish TV (a talkshow called The Late Late Show) back in 1994.

In the city of Chicago

As the evening shadows fall

There are people dreaming

Of the hills of Donegal

Eighteen forty seven

was the year it all began

Deadly pains of hunger

Drove a million from the land

They journeyed not for glory

Their motive wasn’t greed

A voyage of survival

Across the stormy sea

To the city of Chicago

As the evening shadows fall

There are people dreaming

Of the hills of Donegal

Some of them knew fortune

Some of them knew fame

More of them knew hardship

They died upon the plain

They spread throughout the nation

They rode the railroad cars

Brought their songs and music

To ease their lonely hearts

To the city of Chicago

As the evening shadows fall

There are people dreaming

Of the hills of Donegal

Eighteen forty seven

was the year it all began

Deadly pains of hunger

Drove a million from this land


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Planxty – Live 2004 – DVD Audio rip

Planxty – Live 2004 – DVD Audio rip
p3 @ high vbr
artwork included
Always always very nervous of reunions, excuses to wallow in sentimentality, a quick buck, bursts of egos etc! What a relief, then to discover a record of four of Ireland’s greatest musicians playing with care, understanding, incredible virtuosity and passion. This was recorded during a re-union tour in 2004 and brings together the original Planxty line-up for first time in decades.

The band here consists of Donal Lunny, Andy Irvine, Liam O’Flynn and Christy Moore – all legends of celtic music; playing songs/tunes from the bands and the individuals long catalogues and having a good blether!

Recommended to any old folkie wanting to relive the past, anybody with a passion for real music, an excellent introduction to the 70s folk revival to anyone new to celtic music; in fact highly recommended to everyone!!!

– by TB


01 – Intro.mp3
02 – The Starting Gate.mp3
03 – The Good Ship Kangeroo.mp3
04 – Little Musgrave.mp3
05 – The Clare Jig.mp3
06 – As Andy Roved Out.mp3
07 – Si Bheag Mhor.mp3
08 – As Christy Roved Out.mp3
09 – The Dark Slender Boy.mp3
10 – Arthur Mcbride.mp3
11 – The Blacksmith Black Smithereens.mp3
12 – The Kildaremans Fancy.mp3
13 – The Cliffs Of Dooneen.mp3
14 – True Love Knows No Reason.mp3
15 – The West Coast Of Clare.mp3
16 – Raggle Taggle Gypsys.mp3

pw = purgatory
Big thanks to TB

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Christy Moore & Shane MacGowan – Spancil Hill

I dreamt I stooped and kissed her as in the days of yore

Irish trad giant Christy Moore and a young looking Shane MacGowan rattle out this traditional classic – the beautiful lament Spancil Hill – on Irish TV (Ireland’s Late Late Show with Gay Byrne).

I remember seeing this on its first live broadcast! I was only about 6 years old then, of course!

Last night as I lay dreaming of pleasant days gone by
My mind being bent on rambling to Ireland I did fly
I stepped on board a vision and I followed with the wind
and I shortly came to anchor at the cross near Spancill Hill

T’was on the 23rd June, the day before the fair
When lreland’s sons and daughters and friends assembled there
The young ,the old, the brave, the bold came their duty to fulfil
At the parish church at Cloone , a mile from Spancill Hill

I went to see my neighbours to hear what they might say
The old ones were all dead and gone, the young one’s turning grey
I met the tailor Quigley, he’s bold as ever still
Sure he used to mend my britches when I lived at Spancill Hill

I paid a flying visit
To my first and only love
She’s white as any lily
And gentle as a dove
She threw her arms around me
Saying Johnny I love you still
She’s Meg the farmers daughter
And the pride of Spancil Hill

I dreamt I stooped and kissed her
As in the days of yore
She said Johnny you’re only joking
As many the times before
The cock crew in the morning
He crew both loud and shrill
And I woke in California

Many miles from Spancil Hill.

Big thanks to the original poster

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Christy Moore – "Christy Moore" (aka "The Black Album") 1976

Christy Moore – “Christy Moore” (aka “The Black Album”) 1976

The famous “lost album” by one of the last bastions of Irish folk music, the great Christy Moore.

Of all the stars that ever shone
Not one does twinkle like your pale blue eyes
Like golden corn at harvest time your hair
Sailing in my boat the wind
Gently blows and fills my sail
Your sweet-scented breath is everywhere

Daylight peeping through the curtain
Of the passing night time is your smile
And the sun in the sky is like your laugh
Come back to me my Nancy
Linger for just a little while
Since you left these shores I’ve known no peace
Nor joy

No matter where I wander I’m still haunted
by your name
The portrait of your beauty stays the same
Standing by the ocean wondering where you’ve
gone, if you’ll return again
Where is the ring I gave to Nancy Spain

On the day in Spring when snow starts to melt
And streams to flow
With the birds I’ll sing this song
Then in the while I’ll wander
Down by bluebell stream where wild flowers grow
And I’ll hope that lovely Nancy will return

Christy Moore – Nancy Spain

Christy live @ Lyrath Estate Hotel, Kilkenny – March 2007


Donal Lunny—Producer, Bouzouki, Guitar and Vocals
Jimmy Faulkner—Guitars
Kevin Burke—Fiddle
Barney McKenna—Banjo
Declan McNeilis—Guitar
Andy Irvine—Mandolin
Lord Eric & Geoff Whittaker—African Drums
Pat Morley—Engineer Colm Flynn, Mart Walsh & Michael O’Domhnaill

Recorded at Dublin Sound Studios (Nancy Spain was produced by Nicky Ryan in Eamon Andrews Studios)


Side One:

Dalesman’s Litany
Galtee Mountain Boy
Little Musgrave
Wave to Shore
Nancy Spain

Side Two:

Lannigan’s Ball
Johnny Jump up
Scariff Martyrs
Limerick Race
Boys of Mullabawn
Sacco and Vanzetti

Here’s Christy


thanks Lizardson

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