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Cindy Crawford poses for French Vogue at 42


For history buffs and other MILF fans, here’s Cindy Crawford!

Back in the day, lil Cindy was sure one nuclear bombshell! Every man’s (and lesbian’s!) fantasy!

Here she is now, as the mother of two poses in a photoshoot for the December issue of French Vogue. Franceland apparently contains loads of history buffs and other MILF fans!

CC looks pretty good – for 42! – except for the shot below where she seems to be mutating into Michael Jackson!

… cause this is thriller, thriller night, there aint no second chance against the thing with forty eyes …

Apparently, Crawford keeps in shape by using the Power Plate vibrating gym machine! What the hell’s that? A giant vibrator? The husband mustn’t be giving her enough bedroom pleasure! Guess he’s not a history buff and MILF fan!


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