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Various Artists – Lonely Is An Eyesore (wonderful 4AD compilation)

Various Artists – Lonely Is An Eyesore
Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps
Released 15 June 1987
Length 42:19
Label 4AD
Producer Ivo Watts-Russell

Magnificent collection of tracks from bands on the peerless Brit Indie Label 4AD back in the late eighties.

Just look at the quality of acts like Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Muses and 4AD “supergroup” This Mortal Coil !

As a former 4AD addict, I had this on cassette back in the day! It’s great to get it digitally now!

Lonely Is an Eyesore was first released back in June 1987. It was originally available on LP, CD, cassette, and in a limited edition wooden box containing all audio formats, video tape, and etchings. A VHS compilation of music videos for all the songs was released as well.

The CD was re-released in the 1990s.

All thanks to cosmos65 for the great vinyl rip!

If the artsy British independent label 4AD has a calling card, it’s 1987’s Lonely Is an Eyesore. Featuring many exclusive selections from their late-’80s staples, you get tribal mysticism from Dead Can Dance (“Frontier,” “The Protagonist”), fractured pop mysticism from Throwing Muses (“Fish”), dream pop mysticism from the Cocteau Twins (“Crushed”), gothic mysticism from This Mortal Coil and Clan of Xymox (“Acid, Bitter and Sad” and “Muscoviet Musquito,” respectively), instrumental mysticism from Dif Juz (“No Motion”), sound collage mysticism from Colourbox (“Hot Doggie”), and pop art mysticism from the Wolfgang Press (“Cut the Tree”). It isn’t exactly a sought-after independent label sampler in the manner of Rough Trade’s Wanna Buy a Bridge?, and it’s not as legendary as Factory’s A Factory Sampler, but it does offer some fine examples of 4AD’s excellence, especially in the cases of the Throwing Muses and Dif Juz selections. The compilation was also released in a severely limited edition (try 100, of which only 30 were commercially issued), encased in a wooden box with a VHS supplement and a number of graphic prints.



1. “Hot Doggie” (Colourbox)
2. “Acid, Bitter and Sad” (This Mortal Coil)
3. “Cut the Tree” (The Wolfgang Press)
4. “Fish” (Throwing Muses)
5. “Frontier” (Dead Can Dance)
6. “Crushed” (Cocteau Twins)
7. “No Motion” (Dif Juz)
8. “Muscoviet Musquito” (Clan of Xymox)
9. “The Protagonist” (Dead Can Dance)

Here be hot doggies !…..yesore.rar

Big thanks to cosmos65

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