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2008’s Top Ten Digital Downloads

While 2008 is not over, the top ten race for digital downloads may be all but over. Here is how it looks at the moment, according to Master of the Digital Universe iTunes, with scarcely a decent album amongst them!

Who the fuck’s buying that awful Across the Universe OST? Buy the original Beatles work instead, morons!

If you’re very bored (more precisely very very very bored!), and want to know what’s the number 1 download in Greece right now, iTunes has a current Global Pop Music Top Ten list by country here, !

Unfortunately, it’s “All I Want for Christmas is You,” by silly-coned screamer Mariah Carey!

Maybe that shit sounds a tad better if you’ve no clue what the mad witch is screaming about! And/or if you’ve drunk a few bottles of Ouzo!

We declare New Zealand and Finland the only two countries with musical taste, as Kings of Leon are top there (not that KOL are necessarily the best band in the universe, but they’re infinitely better than the other dross listed!) – strangely with different tracks, Use Somebody and Sex On Fire respectively!

Or is that one track …. Use Somebody On Fire For Sex !!! Man, that’s gotta hurt!

Best Selling Albums of 2008

1. Coldplay – Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends

2. Jack Johnson – Sleep Through The Static

3. Juno (Music from the Motion Picture)

4. Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III

5. Sara Bareilles – Little Voice

6. Once (Music from the Motion Picture)

7. Jason Mraz – We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things

8. OneRepublic – Dreaming Out Loud

9. Across the Universe (Music from the Motion Picture)

10. Leona Lewis – Spirit

Best Selling Songs of 2008

1. “Bleeding Love” Leona Lewis

2. “Viva La Vida” Coldplay

3. “Low” Flo.Rida f/T-Pain

4. “I Kissed a Girl” Katy Perry

5. “Disturbia” Rihanna

6. “Lollipop” Lil Wayne & Static Major

7. “No Air” Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown

8. “Pocketful of Sunshine” Natasha Bedingfield

9. “Love Song” Sara Bareilles

10. “Don’t Stop the Music” Rihanna

Coldplay “Lover’s in Japan”

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Coldplay – Various Albums and EPs

Not exactly my cup of Jack Daniels.

A few listenable tracks though.

Very Radiohead-Lite! But not as Radiohead-Lite as Keane, Snow Patrol and a slew of other piss poor outfits!

Coldplay - Parachutes
Coldplay – Parachutes

Coldplay - X&Y
Coldplay – X&Y

Coldplay - Norwegian Live EP
Coldplay – Norwegian Live EP…

Coldplay - Blue Room EP
Coldplay – Blue Room EP

Coldplay - Safety EP
Coldplay – Safety EP

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Coldplay – Viva La Vida + Bonus Tracks

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Coldplay – Viva La Vida + Bonus Tracks
mp3@VBR / 104mb

I must admit to not being a fan of these RadioHead obsessionists!

Anyway, this is their new one. Apparently. Plus Bonus Tracks – for masochists!


1. Life In Technicolor
2. Cemeteries Of London
3. Lost!
4. 42
5. Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love
6. Yes
7. Viva La Vida
8. Violet Hill
9. Strawberry Swing
10. Death And All His Friends

Bonus Tracks:
11. Lost! (Acoustic Version)
12. Lovers in Japan (Acoustic Version)

pass = crunchiedo

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