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Colin Farrell and Nicole Nasty Narain – MENSA Superstars

Here’s an old piece about idiot supreme Colin Farrell and Nicole Nasty Narain and the piece of cinema verite they made in 2003 which we all saw in 2006!

Farrell accused Narain of trying to distribute the tape! What a classy gal!!

Seems like every scarcely known celebrity slut has got one these days!

I’m very confused as to why Farrell brought the court case! The release did neither party any harm.

Nicole Nasty Narain seems to have only two talents. Very nice they are too, very pert. Therefore, one can see why she might have leaked this. In the short term, it brought her untold publicity. However, longer term, it didn’t really work cos nobody still knows who she is!

This leak benefited Farrell too. American Studios, for some reason, keep throwing money at the Guatemalean Paddy, who can’t act, and keep sticking him in dumb big budget movies. He’s still raking in the cash!

“Farrell demanded that all copies of the tape be returned to him.” ….. What? What?! Does he have any idea what the internet is?!!,,1184536,00.html

Colin Farrell, Ex Settle Sex-Tape Suit | Colin Farrell, Nicole Narain Colin Farrell and former girlfriend Nicole Narain have reached “an amicable settlement” in their legal dispute over a sex tape they made together in 2003, according to her lawyer.

“We were able to completely resolve it. The terms are confidential,” Narain’s attorney, Leodis Matthews, told the New York Daily News.

Last year, Farrell accused Narain of trying to distribute the tape through an intermediary. He sought general and compensatory damages and demanded that all copies of the tape be returned to him.

The settlement was hammered out in a lengthy session on Easter Sunday and marked the first time the actor and the onetime Playboy playmate had met face to face since the controversy over the tape began, the Daily News reports.

Under grounds that Farrell and Narain had not agreed to keep the 14-minute tape private, Narain initially sought a dismissal of Farrell’s suit. She also alleged that she had the right to reproduce, market and distribute it under federal copyright law.

The settlement between the two does not resolve Farrell’s ongoing lawsuit against the Internet Commerce Group (ICG), which had planned to distribute the tape. The two sides are due to meet in Los Angeles Superior Court on July 21, says the Daily News.

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