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Damien Jurado – Caught In The Trees (09/2008)

Damien Jurado – Caught In The Trees (09/2008)

We’ve liked Mr Jurado a long time. Since we say him play support to some act I can’t recall in Whelans years and years ago. A wonderful songwriter and performer!

He writes “Gillian Was A Horse”. Fuck, I think I dated her!

Nice cover artwork too.

Caught In the Trees” marks the dawn of a new era for Damien Jurado. It may not be a huge departure from some of his past albums musically, but lyrically Jurado has taken a giant leap forward and there is no turning back. Best known for his dark yet fragile first person fictional tales, Jurado now unlocks the door and invites us into his own enigmatic world with an energy and intensity that is all-consuming.

Jurado took a full year to make this record, longer than ever before, as he ran away from and eventually found himself in his own songs. He subsequently found refuge in sharing the songs with his closest friends and bandmates, Eric Fisher and Jenna Conrad. Having walked alongside him through this most challenging journey, the songs that came out of it are as much theirs as his. Jurado, Fisher, and Conrad collaborated on the compositions – some much more rocking than Jurado fans are used to, but ever as intense – and pulled in producers Kory Kruckenberg and Casey Foubert to contribute their own unique stylings.

Recording started in the summer months and the sweltering heat, and wrapped in the freezing temps of winter. (It is clear on first listen that two distinct seasons are represented through “Caught In the Trees” – an accidental metaphor perhaps?) There was laughter and there was introspection, and the result is a record that Jurado loyalists will find was worth the wait. And perhaps a reason to listen for those who have yet to give this bedraggled storyteller a chance.


Gillian Was A Horse
Coats Of Ice
Go First
Sorry Is For You
Last Rights
Everything Trying
Paper Kite
Best Dress
Predictive Living
Gillian Was A Horse (radio edit)

Here be Gillian the Horse;

Big thanks to victory

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